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We’re three friends who talk about ABC’s hit TV show Once Upon a Time and invite you to share your theories, observations, and more. We discuss the stories, fairytales, easter eggs, and Lost references.

Join us—Daniel J. Lewis and his wife Jenny and Jeremy Laughlin,—and discover happy endings. Send your feedback to Feedback@ONCEpodcast.com or leave a message on our listener voicemail line at (903) 231-2221.

Meet our podcast team

Podcast hosted by Daniel J. Lewis, Jeremy Laughlin, and Jenny Lewis, with spoilers from Hunter Hathaway

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  • nonnie

    how do you post pictures on the forum??

  • p

    I think the emma holding on to neil reminded me of sawyer holding on to Juliet ,but that was more dramatic.

  • squishat

    This page needs some updating ;o