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  • Ngibbsm

    I think that Ragina IS the millers daughter from Rumplestiltskin, that the king she married Snow’s Father and that the love she lost was her first born. Snow being responsible ties in because Ragina could have sent Snow to find out Rumps name, and him being able to tell the future, her sang out the wrong name and tricked Snow. When Snow reported what she thought was his name, and that is what Ragina said to Rumps. When she said the wrong name, Ragina’s kid was taken. The kid’s heart could be one of the ones in her collection, like Grham’s, that left the kid alive. Also, that could be why, in the Beauty and the Beast epesode, Ragina took the cup from Gold (to take away his only true love) and made him tell her his own name (so she would finaly know). Mabey.

    • Anorman Clayfacial

      I think Cora is the miller’s daughter. She says her father was a miller. She talked about deals she had to make for Regina to have her life.

  • Elyssa Biringer

    Grahm is back… btw… :) (saw the episode)

  • lionsun10145

    Never mind I just heard it in a comeircel,thanks anyway 😉

  • lionsun10145

    My fav. character is Lil red riding good it’s awesome that she’s a werewolf!

  • Sarah

    Dose everybody know if the feedback is free?

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Hi, Sarah! Yes, sending feedback for our podcast, as well as joining our forums, is completely free.

  • Sarah

    Will Emma for give for what her mom and dad did when Emma was born and will David find Mary Margaret and his daughter Emma.

  • sarah

    i can’t Believe what Ragina did to her only mother. Ragina’s mother want’s ragina to marry snow white father. and ragina say no. and david told harny that he will find emma and mary Margaret.

  • Anthony Gonzalez

    Emma is a mix of the magic of true love and the magic of lake Nostos like the cloud of smoke that brought magic to Storybrooke