Doors Lead to FTL

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    @rumplegoldfan wrote:

    Does anyone else think that door 16 looks like a modern door? Like it could be the door/entrance to a modern day house? Like it has transom windows on the side and along the top? I wonder if that could be the entry way to SB.

    Yep I mentioned that in another thread somewhere around here. Looks very our world-y as opposed to other world-y.

    @obisgirl wrote:

    Besides FairyTale land and Oz, what other lands are there? Abigail referred to her father’s kingdom as a realm but that was still within FT land.

    That’s the frillion dollar question, what places actually qualify as a whole separate world you’ve gotta travel to via hat? So far we know that FTL encompases Fairytales (duh), mythical Greece (Midas) and the Middle East, (Agrabah). So it seems that stories that merely have a different culture would all still be in FTL if they continue along that line. If a story has a protagonist that leaves their own world in order for the story to happen, that’d surely qualify as being a whole separate land. Alice went to Wonderland, Dorothy went to Oz, the Darling kids went to Neverland, the Pevensies went to Narnia. But are there enough stories like that that could generate that whole room full of doors? So maybe they won’t have such hard and fast rules as to what qualifies as a separate land?

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    We will probably never know where some of those doors lead.

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    @hjbau wrote:

    We will probably never know where some of those doors lead.

    I think, we will. I mean, with the introduction of the doors, the writers can go “crazy” and tell stories about other lands. Not just fairytale land and what happens there.

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    It’s peculiar, upon re-watching the episode for the umpteenth time, I realized that Jefferson’s hat basically correlates to the Doctor’s TARDIS; Time and Relative Dimensions in Space ( referencing Doctor Who, sorry if you don’t watch ).

    I only draw this parallel because while I do believe that each door leads to another world, I hadn’t considered different planes of existence. To clarify, I think a different world thereby means you’re in a different dimension but there are entities & worlds that can exist in a void. This kind of runs parallel to a pop culture theory of human instrumentality, whereby the collective consciousness of all humans in the universe, are melded into a single entity, a hive mentality. In effect, the hat might be it’s own world, acting as a sort of limbo for anyone who enters.

    I don’t know, I just think they truly have boundless possibilities in regards to these doors.
    Plus I think it would be interesting if they do another Alice in Wonderland episode if they choose to further explore the idea of ‘dream worlds’. But I’ve rambled long enough & probably derailed this whole topic.
    My apologies if this is inconsequential, carry on.

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    If you go by Disney there is England where Sword in the Stone and Robinhood take Place. There is France where the Hunchback of Notre Dame took place, and Mt. Olympus — Hercules and the Emporer’s New Groove was the Incan Empire alost called the Empire of the Sun.

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    To add to the list that sjm just mentioned- I just thought of another ‘world’ that they could use.
    ‘Hundred Acre Woods’ from Winnie the Pooh. ( long shot but hey – you never know ).

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    And Rumpel is Tigger. :lol:

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    New to the Forum…. and lurve it!

    I think door 10 looks like hieroglyphics. Could be Aladdin.

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    Maybe one of the doors leads to Treasure Island, or Neverland, considering some people think that Booth is Peter Pan. :)

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    And Rumpel is Tigger.

    That would be rather disturbing Mia! Regina as Rabbit?

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