Doors Lead to FTL

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    Thanks, Marliou, though it still remains to be seen if I’m even remotely right and am likely completely wrong. :lol:

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    So, there’s been a lot of speculation about who Dr. Whale is, and personally, I love the idea of him being Frankenstein, though he could be a god, such a Poseidon.

    In another thread, someone suggested that Dr. What’s might be from another realm (a “horror realm,” assuming he’s Frankenstein), explaining why Whale said Charming wasn’t his prince. So, after looking back at the pictures of the doors, I thought maybe he could be from door 9. Really it could be a few of them, though. But the writers did release information that Regina was able to affect other realms besides the EF, which was how she brought Jefferson to SB. Maybe this was how Whale came to SB.

    Now, if he’s Poseidon, I definitely think he could be from door 8. I know we’ve theorized that this door could be the Little Mermaid, but… Maybe not. Technically, the Little Mermaid happened in our world, and if it was The Little Mermaid’s door, what would we find behind it? Water? Seems to me that a world for Poseidon, or Whale, makes a little more sense.

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    Just wanted to keep this updated!
    Last nights episode revealed a lot of information about the hat!!!
    1. It can only opens doors to other worlds with magic.
    2. It confirmed that SB could NOT previously be accessed through the hat, because it WAS a land without magic. But NOW, magic has been released in our world. Can doors magically appear and/or disappear in the hat?
    3. The hat is (as we knew) not the only means of traveling through worlds. We’d of course heard of the magic beans, and curses, but now, we’re hearing about (ruby?) slippers. But if there are so many other means of world-jumping, why is the hat so important? It seems like Jeff’s hat IS special, so maybe it has other special properties?
    I feel like the hat itself is sort of like a crossroads. Instead of deciding where you want to go when you throw down a bean or use ruby slippers, you can go into the hat into the “crossroad” of all (or most of) the magical worlds, and at that point, you’re in-between worlds. And if time moves differently in all of the worlds, I’d say that the inside of the hat is kind of like Limbo, and when you walk through a door, you can choose what time you want to step into.

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    I was really sad we didn’t get to see the doors again. :( I wanted some better quality shots to update my doors picture with, but alas. I wonder what that last “All-American” door is now that it can’t lead to our world?

    Maybe… American fiction? Like Tom Sawyer?

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    Recently, I took a closer look to these doors to make a guess if on of them could lead to the world without color.
    So I think that it could be door 4 or door 9. Both aren’t colored and would fit into a black and white world. I would guess it’s number 9. That door looks a little bit more dark and would fit more into a 30′s black and white movie, I think.

    Also I looked at door 7 and door 11.
    The white frame of door 7 has a similar shape like Taj Mahal. So I guess that door leads into the world of the junglebook.
    That white thing at door 11 looks for me like a deer. Maybe it’s a reference to Bambi.

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    @Brookenstory wrote:

    Well, here is a picture I made of all the doors we saw in Hat Trick. The only one that I’m sure about (other than 14 to Wonderland) is number 13 to OZ. It is green, and each of those golden circles are an O with a Z inside, the classic OZ symbol.

    Here’re pictures of the doors so we don’t have to keep flipping back and forth through this thread :D

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    I think number 2 might lead to Camelot …

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    I can’t see clearly, is door 10 covered in hieroglyphs? That could lead to Aladdin’s world?

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    sarah-daye hand

    This is something I found, Its a description of the doors. Im not sure where they get the info:

    Grey Door
    Pink Brick Door
    Green Door with a Hole/Mirror
    Brown Door with Trees
    Blue Door with four Holes/Knobs (with possible scales)
    Medieval Brown and Grey Door
    Oriental Style Red Door with Golden Knobs
    Green Curtain Door with the Oz Logo
    Looking Glass Door: Wonderland
    Coffin-like Door
    Normal Door with a Keyhole

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    the fairest

    There are two doors that look very Oz-like. I wonder why there are two? :?:

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