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    I would like to hear who you think is the best character or multiple if you have more then one.

    And why is he or she your favorite. Through in some favorite scenes to if your on a roll.

    😀 ❓ ❓ ❓ 😀

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    My own is Evil Queen Regina.

    First of all because she is ‘The Evil Queen’ and that makes for some wonderful both funny and thrill evoking scenes. Plus you get to feel a little bit bad when you side with her 😈
    She is played enormously well by the actress Lana Parrilla, there must be an Emmy coming her way. ➡
    I’ve always had a tendency to side with the evil villain, especially in fairytales because everyone else is against them, no wonder they go bad. :roll:

    And then because her story is actually a very sad story. We see now that we have gotten to know it better.
    She’s always only had bad influences around her, she makes the wrong choices yes, but no wonder when that is the only way she’s ever seen it done. There is no one there to be her little cricket on the shoulder and show her a different way. She has no family to always find her when she is lost in the woods, like all the others do. I’m conflicted because I do want someone to help her, maybe Henry will be her cricket there is already signs of that happening, but I also think it is in a way a beautiful story, that no one around her notice how tragic it is maybe not till it’s too late. Though that makes her break one more heart and that’s mine. 😥
    There do seem to be some kind of realization going on in her mind right now. That everything she tried to run away from in her mother, is what she became herself. And the hole imprisonment thing that her mother put her through in the guise of protecting her. Is what she was about to do, or actually had been doing to Henry all along. So she finally did take a step in the right direction, because of her love for Henry and in realizing she had to set him free, to love him, and not put him in prison.

    About her ‘evil deeds’ I think when your conscience and ability to love is slowly stripped away you become more and more of a monster. It doesn’t just happen from one day to another, you take one step in the wrong direction and then the next step and the next. That could essentially happen to all of us. The difference is she had a very good heart as a starting point, so there is still a possibility of going back to that. Though her actions, the killing of her father and of Graham and who knows whom else, can never be undone they can be forgiven. Some say in order to redemption to happen there must be a sacrifice. That’s the bible story. But I’m not sure I understand why that is and to what extend that sacrifice must be? Why can there not be forgiveness and redemption without a sacrifice?? I understand there must be a realization of what she has done, but that’s not a sacrifice so is that not enough? I’m talking more in general now as a philosophical question. ❓

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    My top favorite is Regina. At first I just thought she was really hot and badass, but when we got to know her story she’s grown on me. In some ways I can empathize with her, and I can understand her.
    I was happy when she wanted to redeem herself because if she hadn’t, she would have probably been killed off sooner or later. It’s not going to be easy for her, and as much as I love her as the Evil Queen, I’m glad she chose to do the right thing.
    I hope we get lots of Evil Queen flashbacks and see Regina’s current redemption in SB.
    She’s a fireball throwing, leather wearing badass so what’s not to like? 😀

    My other top favorites are Ruby and Maleficent.

    @medchen: It’s the same for me, I usually root for the villains too and that might not be a surprise due to my faves :p

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    Without a doubt, Rumpelstiltskin. There’s an interesting evolution of his character from the first season and Robert plays him so well, you see him as weak, powerful, vulnerable…I still can’t fathom why he doesn’t have an Emmy.

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    midnight dreary

    Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin. I love villains with layers, and this one has DOZENS.

    I also love Regina, Belle, Jefferson, Ruby and Hook. 😉

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    Rumpelstiltskin, because he’s such a complex character and reminds me a bit of a really dark Doctor. And because he manages to make me sympathise with him despite the fact that he’s a villain.

    My second-favourite character is Belle – I love that she always sees the best in people and does her best to bring it out. And I love that she loves reading.

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    Rumpelstiltskin. Last season it was a pretty close tie between Rumpelstiltskin and Regina, with the female in me letting my attraction push me more towards Rumple’s side simply in terms of being more excited to see him onscreen. Partly though, it’s because he takes on not just so many layers, but so many archetypes. I oftentimes “read” art through archetypes and he falls into so many of them: the scared serf, the papa wolf, the manipulator, the charming Faustian devil, the trickster, the tragic hero, the Bryonic… he makes the literature geek in me go into overdrive trying to analyze him. Carlyle has also never missed a beat in acting him in all dimensions.

    Regina -was- interested until this season started painting her as a weak-willed, emotionally manipulated girl who apparently let herself get played by everybody even slightly affably evil. Which… is perfectly valid, but not the type of character I feel for. I’m pretty sure that she’ll get more development and I’ll like her again, but right now, I miss my badass, leather-wearing, kingdom-running evil Queen :) Cora had better make more appearances, and soon.

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    My favorite character is Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin. His story has been so rich and fulfilling and he’s is probably the most complex character on the show for me. It’s difficult for me to fulling hate him because his backstory and personal motivations are so touching. I love how we’re able to see him at his absolutely worst (killing his wife, losing Baelfire), but then see him at his absolute best (falling in love with Belle, helping little Henry). He’s such an interesting character. I just gotta love him.

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    My favorite batch of characters are Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin, Belle, Charming and Snow. But if I had to choose only one, I’d have to go with Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin. No matter how much pain and misery he caused throughout the Enchanted Forest, I can’t help but connect and sympathize with him. I love the theme of “magic isn’t born, it’s made.” I feel like this concept fits Rumpel/Gold perfectly.

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    Of course I’m going to say Rumpelstiltskin as well, because he is without a doubt the most dynamic character to watch. He’s constantly keeping me on my toes and I love that. However, to be different from Rumpel and Regina I will say two of my unusual favorites.

    I LOVE Granny. Why you ask? Because she is the most understated bada** in this show. She’s awesome! Not only is she witty but she’s a spitfire and excellent with a crossbow. I find her one of my favorites because with Granny what you see is what you get. She doesn’t sugar coat things and she doesn’t take the long route like Rumpel and Regina. She just goes BAM if you like it, you like it. If you don’t tough.

    I also love Gepetto, my reasons being he is again, an understated character. He just wants what all the parents in the show want, for his son to be happy. He is an example of what Rumpel could have been like. He makes wrong choices too, but they are subsequently smaller than Rumpel’s. He’s also connected to so many people in the show in different ways as almost a voice of reason. Plus, I met Tony Amendola and he’s the sweetest man in the world! I wanted to take him home with me. He’s so cool. 😀

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