Rumpelstiltskin Was Featured on Reading Rainbow in 1987

Rumpelstiltskin on Reading Rainbow

Hello Once fans!

I grew up in the late 80s. When I was a kid, one of my favorite TV shows was Reading Rainbow. If you’ve never heard of it, here’s an excerpt on it from

Reading Rainbow is an American children’s television series aired by PBS from June 6, 1983 until November 10, 2006 that encouraged reading among children.

Each episode centers on a theme from a book or other children’s literature which is explored through a number of segments or stories. The show also provides book recommendations for kids to look for when they go to the library. It is the third-longest running children’s series in PBS history, after Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and Sesame Street. It was also one of the first PBS shows to be broadcast in stereo.

One of the most memorable episodes to me was the one that featured the story of Rumpelstiltskin. This is how I learned his story. The episode is about 30 minutes long if you’ve got time. Enjoy!


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  • hjbau

    Reading Rainbow. That song will be forever stuck in my head now. Thanks. I remember this show when i was younger. Wow. Craziness.

  • DanielJLewis

    I remember not liking Reading Rainbow because Geordi La Forge didn’t look right without the toothed hair band over his eyes.

  • docxen

    oh man memory lane indeed used to love this show watched it all the time.

  • Derrick Palmer


  • labeltz

    I LOVED reading rainbow! But not this episode. For some reason my sister and I found the Rumpelstiltskin in this story to be incredibly frightening. We owned the physical copy of the book in the episode, and thought it was so creepy that we shoved the book under her bed. She was so scared of it that she would never sleep on that side of her bed (idk why we didn’t just throw it out… kids are dumb!).