Titles for episodes 2×12 and 2×13 revealed [spoilers]

On Saturday, December 15, Once Upon a Time writer Adam Horowitz tweeted the titles for two upcoming episodes for the second season.

2×12 “In the Name of the Brother”

Episode 12 will be “In the Name of the Brother.” This seems a play on the popular Christian phrase, “In the name of the Father/Son,” but it also sounds like a hint to either the story of Dr. Frankenstein’s Brother, or maybe more about Charming’s story in Enchanted Forest.

Discuss “In the Name of the Brother” (spoiler-free) in our forums, and share spoilers in the designated area.

2×13 “Tiny”

Episode 13 will be “Tiny.” This sounds like it could be a reference to Thumbelina or Tinkerbell.

Discuss “Tiny” (spoiler-free) in our forums, and share spoilers in the designated area.

Air dates have not yet been released for these episodes.

What do you think of these new episode titles?

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