“And They Lived …” – WL017

King Chess Piece Fell - 1x13 And They Lived Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Podcast

With Jafar and Amara now are the two most powerful sorcerers in the world, Jafar would stop at nothing to show his new powers. But even ultimate power comes with a price, its many perks. How far is Jafar willing to go in order to get what he wants? Is real, true love really enough to take Jafar down once and for all?

“To Catch a Thief” – WL016


In the past, the Knave and the Queen of Heart’s knights was tasked to capture a murderer who eventually turned out to be a trustful friend. Meanwhile, Jafar gave Will a chance to see Anastasia alive again, causing him to go against his friends. Will Alice and Cyrus let Jafar win in order to bring Anastasia back to life?

“Heart of the Matter” – WL015

Drawing of Red Queen in Will's Storybrooke Home - Once Upon a Time in Wonderland podcast 1x11 Heart of the Matter

Jafar forced Will to surrender a vital information in the hopes of saving the Red Queen. Meanwhile, Alice and Cyrus, with the White Rabbit’s help visited Storybrooke to retrieve something that could hopefully help them beat Jafar. In the past, Anastasia and Will meets the Queen of Hearts before the coronation. How will she change their relationship? How far will Jafar go to get what he wanted?

“Dirty Little Secrets” – WL014

Guardian of the Waters - 1x10 Dirty Little Secrets Once Upon a Time in Wonderland podcast

Despite their differences, Alice, Cyrus, and the Red Queen was able to find Will the genie. But now that the Red Queen is the genie’s new master, can they trust her to make the right wishes? After Jafar released the Jabberwocky, can he really trust her to do his bidding or does she have a plan of her own? Are Alice, Cyrus, Red Queen, and Will teaming up enough to take down Jafar and the Jabberwocky?

“Nothing to Fear” – WL013

The Jabberwocky Preying on Jafar's Fears - 1x09 Nothing to Fear

Will took Cyrus’s place as the Genie after wishing to end all of Alice’s suffering. What will become of Will now that his role was reversed with the former genie? Can Alice, Cyrus, and the Red Queen really work together to save the Knave, or will Alice and Anastasia clash even before they determine Will’s whereabouts? How about Jafar? Now that he is ruling Wonderland, what sort of devastation does he have in store not just for his enemies?

Once and Wonderland connections, crossovers, comparisons, and spoilers – ONCE131 / WL012

Jefferson putting hand through looking glass to Wonderland (1x17 Hat Trick)

We only have a couple of weeks before the second half of the third season of Once Upon a Time begins, as well as the second half of the first season of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland but we just can’t help but talk about what’s in store for us next month. So before they come back, join us as we discuss general reactions and theories about these two shows in this crossover episode.

Jacquelyn and Erin J joined us for this discussion.

“Home” – WL011

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland podcast 1x08 Home Alice's Last Wish Will makes his wish

With a renewed hope and the help of the Knave, Alice searched for her lost love and went to a place where she knew the only place she knows he’ll be safe. But with both Jafar and the Red Queen on to the genie as well, who will get there first? Will Alice find Cyrus? Will Jafar succeed and be able to change the laws of magic? Where does the Red Queen’s allegiance lie?