ONCE065: Into the Deep initial reactions

Into the Deep-Once Upon a Time podcast theories


We get answers about the nightmare, Mulan, and Aurora. But we have new questions about Hook, Cora, and Regina.

These are just our first thoughts about this Once Upon a Time episode, and we’ll share more in our upcoming full episode.

Cora does everything in her power to steal the compass away from Mary Margaret and Emma in her quest to find the entrance to Storybrooke. Meanwhile, in order to protect Henry from further danger, Regina and Mr. Gold must put David’s life in jeopardy in an attempt to put him in contact with Mary Margaret across the lands to give her vital information that could help her and Emma return through the portal back to Storybrooke.

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Initial reactions

Some of our interesting discussion points (in no particular order):

  • Hook and Cora together again, but where is Hook’s true allegiance?
  • Cora has “crossed too many worlds”—how, when, and which worlds?
  • Cora still has hearts and can summon the dead.
  • Snow did confirm that she has had the same nightmare.
  • Gold has a complicated relationship with Granny. Could he be the “powerful wizard” who gave Granny the cloak for Red (“Red Handed”)? Or is there more of a story there?
  • Regina said she saw the body of Cora and thought she was dead. Rumple said that he won against Cora. What battle and fake death might this have been?
  • Aurora is finally stepping up to be a hero.
  • Was Cora telling the truth that the wraith makes soul travel to another realm?
  • Was “Woods of the dead” (with the last poppy seeds) something from another story?
  • Regina really is trying to redeem herself. But does she have ulterior motives in putting David under the sleeping curse?
  • Soul kiss!

We gave everything a brief overview and would love to hear your thoughts!

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  • Michelle

    I think Jeremy was onto something when he was talking about the ink and the quill. Why would Rumple want to be locked up?? — Maybe he wanted the curse to look like it was all Regina’s doing and that he couldn’t have possibly been involved, he was locked up.

    • http://DanielJLewis.net/about Daniel J. Lewis

      Certainly, Rumplestiltskin hid the fact that he created the curse. But as early as episode 2, we knew that Regina got it from him.