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Once Upon a Time‘s second season disc set is now available and we’ve watched the special features and share our review.

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Once Upon a Time is BACK on September 29 and Once Upon a Time in Wonderland begins October 10!

Thank you to ABC for sending us a review copy of the Blu-Ray set!

Unboxing video

Bonus Features

– Commentaries: Blu-Ray: 6 Commentaries; DVD: 5 Commentaries.

  • Broken: Josh Dallas & Ginny Goodwin
  • The Queen of Hearts: Kitsis and Horowitz with Lana Parilla
  • Manhattan: Kitsis and Horowitz with Robert Carlyle
  • Exclusive to the Blu-Ray set: The Miller’s Daughter: Jane Espenson
  • Welcome to Storybrooke: Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss, co-writers for the episode
  • And Straight On ‘Til Morning: David H. Goodman and Colin O’Donahue

– EXCLUSIVE to the Blu-Ray Edition- A Fractured Family, narrated by Sarah Hyland: The cast tries to explain the complicated family tree.

Henry's family tree

We learned that *gasp* HENRY IS HEIR TO FOUR KINGDOMS: King George, King Leopold, King Midas? and … another kingdom…

We also learned that Hook and Milah actually got “married.”

– No Easter Eggs… as far as we know…

– Trailers for The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan coming out on Blu-Ray

– Girl Power: A special segment about the strong women in OUAT presented with a comicbook-like feel. They focus on the action scenes, as well as the storywriting aspects.

– Deleted Scenes: Episodes with deleted scenes: We Are Both, The Doctor, In the Name of the Brother, Manhattan, Miller’s Daughter, Second Star to the Right, and And Straight on ‘Til Morning.

  • Archie sees Geppetto’s puppet parents in the window of Gold’s shop.
  • Henry quoted, “Second star to the right, and straight on ’til morning,” a sure nod to Neverland. (The Miller’s Daughter)
  • Wendy was reading The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and was being disobedient.
  • Hook was confused about Jello and then tries to make a pass at Ruby.
  • Tamara and Greg tell Hook that Neal was killed, in which we see Hook’s face drop.

– Sincerely, Hook: Colin O’Donoghue talks about playing the character Hook.

  • Hook has two identities, despite not being cursed: Killian and Hook.
  • Colin is very different from his character but the eyebrow raise carried over

– Good Morning, Storybrooke: A fun parody of Good Morning, America

  • Nova and Grumpy interaction: Nova is kind of a nun and is still clumsy
  • Various fairy tales and characters mentioned: Hart Archer, Goldie Locksley, Humpty Dumpty, Bambi, Boyd who Cried Wolf, Jack Plumb, Jack and Jill, Three Little Piggies, The Little Mermaid, Anna Karenina, and Romeo & Juliet,
  • Belle has read half of everything
  • Commercials: remember to ask if they have avocado.

– Bloopers


  • 3 Bonus Deleted Scenes:
    What happened to Spencer, from Tiny
    Rumple telling Bae that Milah was dead, from The Crocodile
    A scene after the well, from Welcome to Storybrooke
  • Costume product design special (15 minutes long)

– Subtitles: English, Thai, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and French

Season 2 Soundtrack

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Greetings from Storybrooke at DragonCon 2013

If you’re going to DragonCon 2013, then check out the two panels hosted by Bill Meeks from Greetings from Storybrooke: “How To Start A Fancast About Your Favorite TV Show” and “Once Upon it’s Second Season.”

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