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Zelena casting the curse - Once Upon a Time podcast 3x20 Kansas

Snow and Charming’s baby is coming and everyone in Storybrooke is on high alert to make sure Zelena won’t get her hands on the new baby. Can Emma be the savior she was destined to be and protect her sibling or will another savior come to save the day? Back in Oz, Glinda convinced Zelena how she wastes her time on foolish pursuits, introducing her to her real sisters but a cyclone brought yet another girl who will melt her down with envy.


Oz (Past)

Starting off the past when Zelena meets Glinda in Oz, it looks as if she was expecting a fight. Then again, if we were Zelena, perhaps we would expect a fight, too.

Zelena’s flame effects look a bit different. Must be the same software they started using last week with the incinerating door and monkeys.

It looks as if Glinda wasn’t a fan of the Wizard either. What’s the history between Glinda and the Wizard? She also doesn’t seem all that ‘good witchy in this, and quite obviously, she didn’t come and go in bubbles unlike the Glinda that we have all come to know in the original stories (and other stories prior to this).

I don’t understand Glinda at all. When she first meets Zelena, she gives her the thumbs up for turning the wizard into a monkey, but after Zelena melts (and Glinda just shrugs it off) she is the first to head over to the wizard’s place and be all buddy-buddy with the disembodied voice behind the curtain. (Not to mention expose innocent young girls to his “trickery”).

— Sherazade

Witches Round Table Writing on the Stone - 3x20 KansasAt the Witches round table, as Glinda convinces Zelena to join the sisterhood, it was told that each witch represents a different part of magic: love (Glinda), wisdom (North), courage (East), innocence (Zelena), which is known as the most illusive of elements. It was also said that Glinda was the keeper of the book of records, which chronicles the past, present, and future of Oz. The book also looks a lot like the one in Storybrooke.

In the background were stone pillars, which Joel Blake generously shared us what it meant:

There is writing on the stone pillars inside the magical gazebo for witches. The letters are from the Thebean Alphabet (also known as the witches alphabet.) The alphabet has historically been used by the occult and those practicing witchcraft to protect the meaning of their spells.

Theabean alphabeta

I won’t include all the screenshots I used but I was able to translate what most of the pillars say. Some of the letters were difficult to read and some have slight differences from the above chart but I can say with about 95% certainty that this is what it says.

There are four sections, each with two pillars. The setup kind of reminds of Stonehenge. Each section represents one of the four directions on a compass.

South – Triangle
“Guardian of the Southern Lands”

West – Upside Down Triangle
“Keeper of the Western Realm”

East – Triangle with a line through it
“Defender of the Eastern Barrens”
Because of limited camera angles I could only see “Defe….. of the …… Barrens”
I’m inferring the rest

North – Upside Down Triangle with a line through it
“Protector of the ….thern …..ds” [probably “Northern Lands”]

It was also cool that the Emerald City can be seen in the background.

Since the four witches represent different aspects, does that mean that together, they can travel through time and change the past? Rumple told Zelena that no matter what she change of her past, one thing shall remain the same: who she is, a fate that she can never escape.

Glinda Hands Zelena's Pendant - 3x20 KansasWhen Glinda told Zelena to let go and put the past in the past, ironically, Zelena watches Regina again, this time with the unicorn from the episode “The Doctor.” Apparently, it is the same episode where the magical slippers was first mentioned. It is also in the same episode where Regina said that she couldn’t take the unicorn’s heart because she said the unicorn was innocent. Unicorns are a symbol of innocence. So why didn’t Zelena use one of the unicorns instead of a baby? What’s even more interesting is that in this episode, Rumple tells Regina how she was holding back.

When Glinda gave Zelena the pendant, Glinda told her, “In many ways, it is your life now”, referring to the pendant. Although it’s clear enough that she’s powerless without it, does that mean that unless destroyed, Zelena still lives?

Cyclone Brings Dorothy to Oz - 3x20 KansasDown the yellow brick road with Zelena and Glinda only confirmed that Zelena didn’t cause the cyclone. Perhaps green cyclones aren’t as uncommon as we think it is? When Glinda met Dorothy, she said that Dorothy is a very special girl. Zelena, on the other hand, and as expected, got jealous over a 12-year old again.

One of the various theories I’m batting around for the finale is that Emma will end up being swept up to Oz in a cyclone in the past, and that’s where she’ll come into her magic again, and will off Zelena, for real this time, not like what happened with Dorothy, and it will be Emma who fulfills the prophecy. They’ve already started characterising her as being more witchy, even with the “ANDWICH” part of a “SANDWICH” sign glowing right over the top of her head. So maybe she’ll end up inheriting that 4th pendant in the finale. I guess maybe the product of TL would be more suited to the heart seat, but it could maybe make her a fit for innocence too, because her magic is so pure.

— Phee

Is Emma destined to take the fourth seat in Oz? Despite Zelena stealing her powers, can Emma still get it back and defeat the Wicked Witch just as it was prophesized in the Book of Records?

It’s unfortunate that we didn’t even get to see or hear about Toto. It sure would be fun to see him with Dorothy. However, one question lingers on us: Will we see more of Dorothy and Zelena’s story? Dorothy didn’t quite unseat Zelena when she threw the bucket of water at her. Does that mean that there’s still more to the story than just what was being shown?

Zelena Melts - 3x20 KansasSpeaking of Dorothy throwing a bucket of water at Zelena, it was nice to get a nice reference to the original story. In the original story, Dorothy throw the water out of anger when the witch had taken one of Dorothy’s slippers by making her trip over an invisible bar. However, this episode was more like the MGM movie where the witch was trying to burn the scarecrow and Dorothy put out the fire with some water. Some splashed onto the witch and she started to melt.

The melting effect was done so effectively. Many religions, by the way, believed that water purifies and combats evil. This was a part of the story that was never acknowledged in any version of the story but many religions believe in this.

Dorothy in Silver Slippers - 3x20 KansasAfter Dorothy melted Zelena, and if defeating her will undo her magic, does that mean that Glinda was sent back to Oz?

I think the prophecy could have been interpreted in another way. Zelena, by fighting her dark side and winning, could have been the sorceress who fulfils her destiny by defeating the “greatest evil” i.e. her own darkness. Unfortunately, she chose to believe that the prophecy controlled who she is instead of trying to create her own destiny. That was ultimately what lead to her downfall.

— Toma

Is the prophecy really about Dorothy?

Back in the Emerald City, Glinda led Dorothy to the Wizard and she was sent back to Kansas using the silver slippers. This actually goes perfectly well with the episode “The Doctor” and the reference about the slippers missing. Is Dorothy still alive and has the silver slippers? In “The Doctor”, Jefferson said that the slippers are in another land and Rumple told him that that’s what he needs the slippers for — to get to the other land.

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Storybrooke (Present)

Casting Area Floor Circle - 3x20 KansasWe liked the rapid action feel of the opening; how they go back and forth as David, Emma, and Henry takes Snow in the hospital and Zelena and Rumple down the storm cellar. It definitely felt like a season finale already! The cinematography was great, especially with the hospital scene.

Considering Once Upon a Time’s creators were the same creators from Lost, we noticed that the intro theme this episode was in quite a little higher pitched. Are they setting up for an impending world-change?

Third, the table in the middle of the magical gazebo for witches looks very similar to a compass. In fact it is the exact same symbol that is on Zelena’s compass.

— Joel Blake

Compass - 3x20 KansasFour Protectors of Oz - 3x20 KansasRumple and Zelena preparing the casting area was very much like how witches prepares for casting a spell. Down the casting area, Zelena has a weird clock that is the same pattern as the floor circle and the table with the four witches back in Oz. The compass that Zelena holds, which compass was it?

This episode had a lot of Charmed references; the lights flickering as the baby was born, the watch which was used to go back in time to fix the future.

Back in the hospital, Emma and Regina cast a protection spell around the delivery room. Emma asked her if it’s enough to hold Zelena to which Regina answered, “if you’re brand of magic is stronger than Zelena” then it may be enough. Also, is Regina helping Emma protect the delivery room means that she’s already using light magic?

Hook, on the other hand, seems like he really wanted to make amends with Emma for not telling her of Zelena cursing his lips. This was also the first time that Emma backhandedly referred to Hook as a ‘loved one’ when she told David, “because he knows about keeping secrets from loved ones.” Or did she mean because she’s aware of how Hook feels for her?

This entire episode also reminds us of one of Buffy The Vampire Slayer’s episode, Bring on the Night. In the episode, Buffy was faced with an uber-vamp no one can defeat. Buffy eventually defeat it and said that they just do it because good always wins

While all of this is happening, Henry is seated beside Archie as he looks at the classified for a new home for Emma. It’s quite odd that Henry said she’d be back and forth from Mary Margaret’s and Regina’s, but said that Emma can’t sleep in the car. Is he not planning to stay with Emma?

Apartments for Rent Newspaper - 3x20 KansasThe newspaper that Henry’s holding was really interesting; nothing really notable at first except a house described as “Charming.” There’s even a center apartment that says, “Apartment for Rent: Two bedroom, two bath, clocktower views, was a master woodworker in the Enchanted Forest so all cabinets are custom.” There’s also a number listed as, “Jeanne 604.264.1001 ext. 418″, which was a real number and reached Noble & Associates Property Management, real company in Vancouver, BC.

As Emma and Hook go to see Zelena, we got another Lost reference when Emma said, “everything that happened happened”, which is a little nod to “Whatever Happened, Happened.” In this scene, Emma seemed a bit realistic but a bit selfish when she said that she never should have brought Henry back to Storybrooke.

Emma Hook Kiss - 3x20 KansasUnfortunately, Emma kissed Hook and Zelena’s curse Hook’s lip to take away Emma’s magic worked.

The problem with Emma is that she treats all of this as something she needs to do rather than something she wants. Because why didn’t she just use her magic to save Hook? Why resort to the good old mouth to mouth resuscitation instead of using what she has learned from Regina? I do believe that Emma is just as powerful as Regina or Zelena (maybe even more powerful) but she just has to fully believe in the world she’s in.

— Jackielyn ched

Does Emma still not fully believe in her capabilities and what she’s destined to do? Or did she just panicked and  her first instinct is to give him a mouth to mouth resuscitation instead of using her power?

Magic has no place in the life she envisions for herself and Henry, so she herself is (subconsciously) refusing to let her magic resurface. After all, with Zelena out of the way, she sees no immediate danger and no need for magic at all. She herself said she wouldn’t need it. Should Emma decide to stay and accept her role in her family and her future, her magic may very well return on its own.

— thelonebamf

Can Emma get her powers back? How? Will True Love’s Kiss work?

As Zelena attacks everyone back at the hospital, and Snow giving birth, what made the light flicker? Snow isn’t magical obviously, was it the baby or could Zelena’s arrival have caused it herself?

Robin Hood and his merry-men getting knocked out was understandable, perhaps even Belle, but Regina?  Regina, on the other hand, looks so confident even if she loses against her sister every time they go up against each other. Also, does that mean that Emma’s protection spell didn’t work because her magic was taken away? Or Zelena simply that powerful?

When Zelena steals the baby, there’s a weird expression on the baby. It was as if the baby sensed what the Wicked Witch is doing and is about to do.

Zelena Steals Snow and Charming's Baby Hospital - 3x20 Kansas

Caption this photo in the comments below!

A few episodes ago you mentioned the birth on Charmed, and here I was reminded of it again.  On Charmed they had many generations of female witches, so it was kind of a big deal when a powerful BOY was born.  (He was even almost rejected by his ghost great-grandmother. 😮 )

Anyway, look at how many magical women there are on OUAT: Cora, Regina, Zelena, and Emma were all born with magical ability, whereas Rumple had to acquire magic.  In OZ, there are all those witches, and the wizard is just a pretender.  Not to mention the fairies!

Does magic come more naturally to women on OUAT?  Is this the first boy we have seen on this show who is born with magic?

— Sci-Fi Girl

Henry has the heart of the truest believer, which makes him special. If Snow and Charming’s new baby is a boy, does that mean that he is destined for greatness, as well?

I discovered something pretty cool while watching the episode for a second time. When Zelena is carrying the Charming baby (ITS A BOY!!) she is humming a lullaby. That lullaby is called: Hush Little Baby. I looked up the lyrics and found a new version I had never heard before that is very neat to go with the storyline:

Secondary verses:
(Sometimes there would be a lovers version.)
Hush little baby; mama’s near, To brush your hair and calm your fears. To kiss your cheek and hold your hand, ‘Til you drift off to sleepyland. To help you count those little white sheep, And sing you songs ’til you’re asleep. To tell you tales of kings and queens, of Jack and Jill and wonderful things. So snuggle up and hold me tight, And dream sweet dreams all through the night. And every night when the sun goes down, You’ll still be the sweetest little baby in town.

— Saskia

Are we going to meet Jack and Jill in the next season?

Regina Light Magic - 3x20 KansasCharming is so quick to go rescue his baby as soon as Zelena left, which reminds us of the Pilot episode. However, during the last episode, Glinda told Snow and Charming, “only the purveyor of the strongest light magic will be able to accomplish a defeat.” Regina defeated Zelena, does that mean that Regina has the strongest light magic now as well?

Henry said a nice speech to Regina before they go to take Zelena down. In the hospital, Henry said, “Once upon a time, you were a villain, mom. But you’ve changed. You’re a hero now. And defeating bad guys is what heroes do.” Regina has already been defeating villains then, but she’s definitely more of a hero now than even then.

Little John Beautiful One - 3x20 KansasAs Zelena casts the curse and everyone coming to fight, Robin come to retrieve Regina’s heart. It is also during this scene that we have come to finally know that Little John is the beautiful one. If Little John was the beautiful one, where is Walsh?

With baby Charming now back in Daddy’s arms, Charming told them that he can handle anything, just like Emma.

As Rumple prepares to kill Zelena, Regina stopped him, saying, “heroes don’t kill.” Why do they keep saying this? Refusing to exact vengeance, Regina took Zelena in the prison instead.

It was a cool transformation for Regina as she told her sister that “evil isn’t born, it’s made. And so is good.” Clearly, she chose to be good… for now.

What’s up with Regina’s smile after she put away Zelena’s pendant in her vault? Does that mean that there’s a big chance for her to turn back to being the Evil Queen again? Or was it because she had someone to destroy, because there was the Evil Queen theme in the background? Why didn’t Regina just destroy the pendant instead of keeping it in her vault?

Meanwhile, Belle and Rumple had beautiful reunion back in Mr. Gold’s shop. Rumple did such a beautiful marriage proposal, but why build a foundation of a future with a lie? He clearly didn’t lie with his feelings toward Belle, so why toy with his words and hid the real dagger against Belle?

Back in the hospital after the baby was rescued, it was shown that they are in Suite J. Is this a hint to the baby’s name? Emma’s powers, on the other hand, didn’t return, which should have after Rumple smashed Zelena back in the prison. Why didn’t she get her powers back?

Porcelain Zelena - 3x20 KansasSpeaking of Rumple smashing Zelena, the Wicked Witch looked genuinely scared as Rumple goes after her. We kind of wished Belle was standing on the other side of the jail door. Why do the writers keep doing this?

All of Rumple’s beautiful redemption, his character development, and his drive are gone. I call this version of Rumple nihilistic. The reason for his sacrifice in 3×11 has been forfeit. His son is dead. Belle, who could’ve been his reason for living again, now gets the shaft by the man whom she loves, because he’s too consumed by revenge now. She deserved better treatment. I love Belle. I love Rumple. I want them to be together in the end. I was actually touched by his proposal and the trust he placed in Belle. Yet, I noticed even then that he never actually promised Belle not to harm Zelena, and Rumple is the king of loopholes. Why did this have to happen? Well, because Rumple is still the Dark One I suppose is my only real answer, and the writers have to make him fall back into his dark patterns.

— Slurpeez108

Was Rumple in the right to exact vengeance toward Zelena for what happened with Neal? Will he tell Belle what he did?

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Green Smoke Coming Out of Zelena's Pendant - 3x20 KansasIs Zelena really dead? Is she still alive because the pendant hasn’t been destroyed yet? What does the green smoke coming out of the pendant and going to the time portal all about? Does that mean that she succeeded somehow?

Judging from how they changed this week’s intro theme, is there going to be a time-travel not just in the season finale, but in the next season as well? With the time portal being opened, anything can happen. How much will the season finale affect the next season? Is everyone going to get a reboot and a new reality?

If Zelena somehow succeeded when the time portal was opened, will they return to the time of the past that Zelena intended it to, or are they going to get sent back at a different time period? Will this give them a total reset, with the Dark Curse not happening and Emma having to grow up in the Enchanted Forest, as well as Henry?

How will the season end?

Will the time -travel resolve or fix some flaws and give us something else where we can have a partial reboot, like an alternate reality?

Is the Zelena storyline finished? Or are there more stories to tell?

Can we have a logical reason no matter where we’re going next season?

Will Regina keep being good? Or is it just a matter of time until she reverts back to being the Evil Queen that she’s known for?

Is there a chance for Neal to finds his way back on the show?

If Snow and Charming’s baby boy is just as special as Emma, is he going to be Rumple’s undoing?

Let us know your thoughts regarding what’s coming in the season finale by filling in the comment section below. Remember, this coming Sunday is going to be a 2-hour finale. Join us over the forum and share your theories with us regarding not only this episode, but also regarding the season finale this coming Sunday.

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  • Episode 21 “Snow Drifts” was written by David H. Goodman & Robert Hull and directed by Ron Underwood.
  • Episode 22 “There’s No Place Like Home” was written by Edward Kitsis & Adam Horowitz and directed by Ralph Hemecker.
  • Emma and Hook are pulled into Zelena’s time portal, and must be careful not to change anything or risk alternating their lives, as well as their existence.
  • Guest stars for 3×21 include Anastasia Griffith as Abigail/Kathryn, Tony Amendola as Geppetto, Alex Zahara as King Midas, Christopher Gauthier as Smee and Charles Mesure as Black Beard.
  • Guest stars for 3×22 include Keegan Connor-Tracy as Blue Fairy/Mother Superior, Sarah Bolger as Aurora, Eric Keenleyside as Sir Maurice/Moe French and Raphael Alejandro as Roland.
  • Meghan Ory is back to reprise her role as Ruby/Red for 3×21 and 3×22
  • With the exception of Happy, all other six dwarves are back for the season finale.
  • Emma looks like she needs encouragement.
  • Everyone celebrates Zelena’s defeat, until Henry sees something weird.
  • The portal is open and seems like we’re going to pick up the time where Charming and Snow meets (in the episode “Snow Falls”)
  • It’s up to Emma and Hook for Snow and Charming to end up together.
  • Emma and Hook attends a ball, but Hook ends up in a swordfight.
  • We get to see another wolf. Is it Graham’s?
  • We will learn the baby’s name and it will be significant.
  • There will be a wedding in season finale but as to who is unknown. The most popular theory is Abigail and Charming’s wedding.
  • Emma is back in the past and wearing a gorgeous red ball gown.
  • Hook is also wearing an outfit that isn’t like anything his usual outfit.
  • Emma and Hook are being introduced to King Midas.
  • Frederick, Abigail’s true love, was not seen in the episode.
  • It seems that Snow are to be burn at stake by Regina, or is it someone else?
  • Snow is seen in her bandit clothing.
  • Regina is back in her Evil Queen outfit; seen in black and looks very regal.
  • TVGuide asked Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis whether Sean Maguire is going to be a series regular but both neither confirmed nor turned down.
  • Michael Socha, the Knave of Hearts will not be in the finale.
  • Zelena may not be gone for good.
  • How Hook got into New York will be tackled in the finale.
  • There will be more death. It could be a major character or it could be Henchman No. 4, but death will be had.
  • We will see more realms in the coming season.
  • We also might get to see Dorothy and the silver slippers again.

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  • Sci-Fi Girl

    That screencap of Zelena casting the curse is just an awesome picture! 😀


  • Lucifer

    I love how they conduct the podcast. I think thats the advantage of being the unofficial podcast, you can speak anything , good or bad about the show.

  • Lucifer

    Why are the fans of once upon a time so smart? And these podcasters are genius, and I like how they make jokes and make cautious comments.

    • http://DanielJLewis.net/about Daniel J. Lewis

      Ha ha. Thanks! Yes, the fans are amazingly resourceful.

  • Leslie

    we have an official answer to Regina’s smirk in the vault from A&E’s interview to TVGuide:

    What should we divine from that smirk on Regina’s face after she locked up Zelena’s pendant in her vault?
    Kitsis: It’s funny that you bring that up. That’s one of my favorite scenes in that episode and maybe the series. What that smirk said was: I won and I like myself today. She used light magic. She went against somebody she didn’t think she could beat. She has Robin Hood (Sean Maguire) and she is making huge strides toward a new life. We wanted to show you a private moment where Regina — who really cast the curse because she felt like she could never win and never find happiness — in that moment alone, she smiles and says, “I won.”

    Some fans worried that it meant she might’ve been conspiring with Rumple.
    Kitsis: No, that was a genuine moment. It’s hard when you have a show like this because we love to give surprises and twists, but sometimes people read into our genuine moments. Really, she won and she’s happy. Let’s enjoy that for her.

    • http://DanielJLewis.net/about Daniel J. Lewis

      That’s helpful. Thanks!

    • Lucifer

      that being said, I salute the Lana.

  • Leslie

    re: screenshot of classifieds … wow the rent prices in Storybrooke are AMAZING!!! $725 for a 13oo sq ft 3 bd … I’m paying double that for my small apt. Guess I need to move! LOL

  • OnceABeliever

    CAPTION: if only there was a tree branch in here… I could save the day…

    • http://DanielJLewis.net/about Daniel J. Lewis

      Ha ha!

  • OnceABeliever

    When we all thought that all was “LOST” in the middle of LOST and we couldn’t really see where the series was going, they writers (including Adam and eddy) made it work, and made the show what it is…. I have full confidence that the show will make sense, and make us keep watching….

  • Heather Gorsuch

    I know Jeremy has huge issues with fictional cities of our world in this show, but I still think it would be cool if OUAT’s Kansas was permanently in black and white, and exists in The Land Without Color with Frankenstein’s world.

    I would love read the Back to the Future theories related to the season in the forums one of the ladies mentioned in this podcast episode, can someone help me find it? I looked a little but I wasn’t sure where to look in the forum for the thread?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have anything especially profound to say, but I was just listening to the beginning of this episode and I wanted to point out that there is a word for the third-to-last of something: “antepenultimate”. Just putting that out there! 😉

    • http://DanielJLewis.net/about Daniel J. Lewis

      Nice! Thanks!

  • Jared Concepcion Pono

    Caption ” who is this lady”

  • True Believer

    Once caption: LET ME GO, LET ME GOOOOO!

  • Dillon

    The original book was published in 1900.