TV Show Schedule and Upcoming Episodes

I hate spoilers, but I sometimes like teasers (okay, so they’re minor spoilers) such as upcoming actors, characters, or even an episode’s area of focus.

First, some news (no spoilers): while a new episode will air this Sunday, January 29, there will be no new episode on February 5, most likely due to that being Superbowl Sunday. Once Upon a Time will return the following week on February 12. We can likely expect some interesting things to happen for February Sweeps.

Now on to some of those teasers. I actually prefer to know about upcoming characters without knowing in which episodes they’ll appear, but as it happens I do now know who will be in which episode. So, ahem, SPOILER WARNING: if you’re the type who won’t read an episode description or watch a commercial before an episode airs, stop reading now.

January 29: “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”

This episode will feature Snow’s father, King Leopold (played by Richard Schiff of The West Wing). We’ll also see a (the?) genie! In Storybrooke we’ll see The Stranger, Sydney Glass,  and Mr. “K” Krzyszkowski.

“Fruit of the Poisonous Tree” was written by Ian Goldberg and Andrew Chambliss, who brought us episode 6, “The Shepherd.”

Now for the episode description from; don’t read it if you don’t want to know where the story is going.

While Sydney seeks out Emma’s help against Regina, Mary Margaret and David continue to meet clandestinely. Meanwhile, in the fairytale world, Snow’s father King Leopold receives three wishes from a Genie, who warns him to be careful what he wishes for.

So it looks like Sydney will gain some depth this week. As I said in the podcast, this whole thing with Mary Margaret and David would make me uncomfortable if not for the fact that David and Kathryn aren’t really married; their memories are false, created by the curse. David is, on the other hand, technically married to MM.

February 12: “Skin Deep”

This episode will feature Belle (played by Emilie de Ravine of Lost!), Gaston, Cinderella and/or Ashley, Thomas and/or Sean, and various other interesting-sounding characters (including a guy playing The Dove). Notably missing from the list is Beast, unless they’re calling him by name. Very much looking forward to seeing Emilie de Ravine again, and seeing whether Belle ends up sounding Australian, French, English, or American. (Lost-related tangent warning: I wonder if Belle will have a child, and if Rumpelstiltskin will take this child, and if Claire Belle will end up screaming “my baby!”)

Jane Espenson wrote this episode. She also wrote “That Still Small Voice” and “Desperate Souls,” as well as the as-yet-unlisted episode 15. Espenson’s writing history is varied, though her production filmography is perhaps more impressive. She’s worked as a consulting producer on most of Once as well.

Teaser from

As Valentine’s Day arrive [sic], Mary Margaret plans a night out with Ruby and Ashley. Meanwhile, Belle makes a deal and Gold plans vengeance on the thief who robbed him.

From the description, this episode could be either really good or really annoying. Could be both, with two shorelines happening.

February 19: “Whatever Happened to Frederick”

We’ll see Granny, Red and/or Ruby, and both Abigail and Kathryn, however additional info on this episode is still a bit limited.

Teaser from

David tells Kathryn about his true feelings. In the fairytale world, Prince Charming offers to help Abigail while looking for Snow.

Nice to see that we don’t have to wait very long to continue moving along the story of Snow White/Mary Margaret and James/David, one of the primary stories of the series. The episode description doesn’t provide many clues as to the meaning of the title, so if you’re not excited to be revisiting our transdimensional love triangle, I expect this episode will have something more to offer as well.

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    What ever happened to FREDRICK?

    IS that the Fredrick who King Midas turned to gold? He told his servant, “Remember what happened to Fredrick!” when the servant helped him remove the glove.

    In the story of Midas he came to a bad end….. 1/ version he starved to death as all food turned to gold and he could not eat anything. 2nd version he turned his daughter to gold when he accidently touched her.s

    I am hoping that MIDAS touchs his DAUGHTER with the Bad ATTITUDE.

    My other thought was that the Daughter ( can’t remember her name) told daddy Midas that Prince James ran after the thief/ SNOW and left her defenseless in the woods; so he called off the wedding.


    .My theory I have no connection or before hand knowledge.


    • Jeremy Laughlin

      @NONNIE NICE catch! I had totally forgotten that Midas mentioned a Frederick, though now I see that it’s actually in our show notes from “The Shepherd.”

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      @NONNIE I think it most definitely is the same Frederick, since the only mention of him we know was from “The Shepherd” when Midas said, “Careful. Remember what happened to Frederick.”

  • nevrothwen

    Jane Espenson is an amazing writer! She has written some of the most interesting and funny episodes on Buffy and Battlestar Galactica, and I think she is also involved in Warehouse 13.

    I’d also like to add that The Stranger (as he’s listed on IMDB) only has tonight’s episode left. I hope that he has more episodes though, Eion Bailey is one of my favourite actors so I really hope he comes back to Once Upon A Time.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      @nevrothwen IMDB is often wrong. But if the Stranger does have only one episode left, then I’m amazed at how quickly the writers are closing stories with Once Upon a Time. It’s almost disappointing. But maybe it will be like Fringe and get a whole lot better and more connected as we go.

    • Jeremy Laughlin

      @nevrothwen I saw that, but I didn’t watch Buffy or Warehouse 13, and I thought the latter was a bit cheesy from what I knew (which wasn’t much, admittedly). I may reword my mention in the article. 😀

      As far as The Stranger goes, from what I can tell, IMDb only lists a show’s main actors for the full season, whereas the guest stars only get listed after or shortly before an episode airs. So, hopefully there’s a bit more to him than that!

      • Daniel J. Lewis

        @Jeremy Laughlin @nevrothwen We also saw that Mr. K was supposed to be in the episode, but never showed up. I speculated that there was a scene of Emma going to the public records office for the boxes she and Sydney go through. That’s where Mr. K works, but maybe that scene was cut in order to show more of the Genie’s bulging but hairless belly.

  • hjbau

    Episode 15 is called Red Handed. The question for tonight’s episode is who is the Genie either The Stranger, Sydney/Mirror or Mr. K. I am still going for Mr. K with his triplacet documents.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      @hjbau I was totally surprised with the results of “The Fruit of the Poisonous Tree.”

  • Daniel J. Lewis

    @NONNIE CATHERINE and Frederick? Maybe that’s why Abigail is called Kathryn (that’s the correct spelling) in Storybrooke!

  • Jeremy Laughlin

    So, I didn’t see Mr. “K” in Sunday’s episode. Did anyone?

  • Lake Princess

    The “Stranger” aka August W. Booth (name has been released) is filming in Vancouver, BC for Episode 17 – Hat Trick, so apparantly his story arc is moving forward. Also, according to the script (Ep 6) the Shepherd’s name is “Richard.”

    • hjbau

      @Lake Princess Where did you learn Charming’s name is Richard?

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      @Lake Princess I had seen that same script, but I wouldn’t take it too seriously. The pilot script also had a different name for Emma.

    • Lake Princess

      This is true, but if they wanted to keep the name vague why not just use [SHEPHERD], why a name at all? As for the pilot, many things were changed and not just Emma’s name—this was episode 6—-so I’m thinking that kind of change isn’t likely UNLESS they want the freedom to do something else at a later date.

      • Jeremy Laughlin

        @Lake Princess False names were used at times on “Lost” either for humor or to prevent spoiler leaks, so they may be doing the same here; The Stranger’s name may not even be what is on the script. :)