Play “The Untold Stories” on Facebook and find clues about Once Upon a Time!

ABC launched a Facebook app to help remind Once Upon a Time fans (“Oncers”) about the story so far and give us a few clues about the story.

Try the “The Untold Stories” app!

“The Untold Stories” starts with Mr. Gold’s giving you some clues to find two items: the Genie’s lamp and the chipped teacup. Along the way, we see descriptions of characters and basic plot points.

Archie’s files jump to 2019

Dr. Archie Hopper’s files are left on Mr. Gold’s desk in his pawn shop. These files contain observations of several characters, both their Storybrooke profiles and notes about their fairy tale counterparts.

UPDATE: the following dates have been removed, which makes me think that “2019” truly was a typo. Additionally, the writers have expressed that they want the show to be timeless.

Each profile has a date, which reveals an interesting jump.

  • Ruby—October 12, 2009
  • Granny—October 13, 2009
  • Emma Swan—October 19, 2009
  • Mary-Margaret—October 29, 2009
  • Regina Mills—October 29, 2009
  • Ashley—December 2, 2009
  • Leroy—January 13, 2019
  • Sidney Glass—January 13, 2019
  • Unnamed patient—January 13, 2019
  • Dr. Whale—January 13, 2019
  • David Nolan—January 13, 2019
  • Mr. Gold—January 13, 2019
  • Marco—January 13, 2019

Considering that these notes contain post-curse information, we can infer that the curse was broken in probably spring, 2009. But the jump to 2019 is unexpected and unexplained. It’s also interesting that all of these 2019 notes were recorded on the same day, January 13 (which happens to be a Sunday).

This could be a seriously overlooked typo from trying to change “2009” to “2010,” or it could be a hint that we’ll see a time-jump in Storybrooke.

Who is the unnamed patient?

Once Upon a Time Untold Stories-unnamed patient

Dr. Hopper’s files reference an unnamed patient with the only description as “blonde.” This indicates a female (“blonde” is the feminine form of “blond”), but only shows an empty hospital bed.

Looking at the list of names in Archie’s files, we notice that Belle is missing. She could be the unnamed patient, or perhaps another blonde fairy tale character we have yet to met.

Rumplestiltskin can “glimpse the future”

Once Upon a Time Untold Stories-Glimpse the future

In our Once Upon a Time podcast, we’ve debated the truth of whether Rumplestiltskin really could see the future.

One alternate explanation was that his predictions for the future were the expected results of his manipulations. To others, this could seem like seeing the future.

But “The Untold Stories” tells us quite clearly that Rumplestiltskin can “glimpse” the future. That seems to imply that he can see some things, but not everything, and not full details.

Hints on Dr. Whale

When ABC announced “The Untold Stories” on the official Once Upon a Time Facebook page, they hint that we may find clues about who Dr. Whale could be.

Check out our new app to uncover untold stories about your favorite characters. You may even find a clue or two about a certain doctor’s true identity.

Archie’s file on Dr. Whale is vague and sparse:

  • Dr. Whale, physician
  • Inflated sense of self
  • Classic “god complex”
  • Frames himself as victor in all conflicts
  • Feels persecuted and misunderstood—paranoid
  • Who is this man?

Coming scenes

For now, less than half the game is unlocked:

  • The Pawn Shop
  • Archie’s Files
  • Prince Charming
  • Evil Queen
  • Snow White
  • Rumplestiltskin
  • Cinderella

The Untold Stories” shows some locked places and plenty of future secrets:

  • The Daily Mirror
  • Henry’s Notebook
  • 4 locked characters in Fairy Tale Land
  • 6 locked missing items

What did you find?

Try “The Untold Stories” yourself and tell us what stands out to you and what you think of these mysteries! Comment here on the blog or post in our Once Upon a Time forums.

“The Untold Stories” requires a desktop computer with Flash Player.

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  • BlueRose

    I also found it interesting that all the female characters were examined/written about in 2009 while all the male characters were in 2010/9. The “blonde” could be an exception, or Dr. Hopper may not even know the gender of the patient.

    I was also thinking that the records look like they could have been started while the curse was intact (which may have been 2009), with the fairy tale identities added in later, after the curse was broken.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      True. Good observation. So it could be that Emma arrived in fall, 2009 and broke the curse in 2010?

  • PurpleQ

    I thought it was really good, especially Archie’s files. However, after I found the teacup, I couldn’t go any farther. They’re probably waiting till the premiere to reveal some more stuff.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      You got the lamp, too, right?

  • Clockwatcher

    Did anyone else notice a few typos?

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Yeah, it feels rushed. I really wonder if the “2019” thing is really a typo.

  • Doc

    Wow!…… This makes no sense whatsoever!…. Here….. I’ll blow this whole thing out of the water for you using one of the first clues left by the writers!… Emma drives into Storybrooke with DEC ’11 tags on her VW…wtf? And I know you’re gonna try to debunk that!! FORGET IT! it’s too solid!, It was too intentional, It was too clear!! How many times did they stick that license plate in our faces in the Pilot episode? They weren’t showing you the plate…They were trying to show you the TAGS! The Tags were the whole key as to when everything timewise was taking place in Storybrooke and in our World. From there it’s all math really! Simple math!.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Yeah, that’s true. Any one of these things could be a prop glitch.

    • TheGoldenKey

      License plate stickers can be issued for up to 2 years in Mass thus Emma could have arrived in 2009.

      • Daniel J. Lewis

        That makes sense!

  • Katesque

    Whatever the significance of the dates in Dr. Hopper’s notebook, then they can’t have been too important, as they are gone now.

    • Ryan Lile

      Or they’re letting too much of a secret out by accident!

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Ha ha. I’m guessing they were typos then.

  • Mujtaba Walji

    I have a theory about “the blond one”. It’s not Belle, first. Doctor Hopper doesn’t know Belle. I don’t think it’s just that they haven’t been in the TV series yet, but Doctor Hopper’s met them, but doesn’t know them…

    And who does everyone think Doctor Whale is? I can guess what happened to him. God Complex, where he doesn’t ever want to lose. What if he did fail? Turns him into a villain? Misunderstood villain. One of those who thinks he’s doing the right thing, but really isn’t. Any ideas?

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Maybe the blonde is Aurora from Sleeping Beauty.

      • Casey Brown

        Considering the actress who is Mulan said she will be befriending sleeping beauty, PROBABLY SO. 😛

  • Rumbelle

    Im having issues getting the teacup. the letter says ‘click here to post on someones wall’ but when i click it, the letter goes away and nothing happens. am i suppossed to go to a character? help please!

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      The app has poorly written instructions. Ignore what your inventory says, or else realize that it means “click on the teacup when you find it and you can post on someone’s wall.”

  • Rachel

    I love the untold story about the letter from Rumple to Belle. I find it hilarious how Rumple describes the toaster and refrigerator to her (although I do wonder how he has those items in the enchanted forest!)

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      I think the letter is supposed to be Storybrooke Rumple to Belle.

  • Anna

    Any one else notice the leaflet/card on the right of Mr Gold’s desk which has a picture of Snow and what looks to be the words “In Memory” on? Do you think that was from when she ‘died’ after eating the apple?

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Hmm. Interesting!

    • Julia N Jensen

      I did, but even more crazy is the print below her picture. It says “Franklin Delano R-” and is cut off by some other papers. And below that is a quote from him that says “I call for effort, courage, sacrifice, devotion.” What does Snow White have to do with FDR?

    • TheGoldenKey

      Yes, and just below it is a quote from from FDR’s 1940 Charlottesville address ”
      I call for effort, courage, sacrifice, devotion”

  • Ellie Ellis

    The screen is too small and i cant exit mr golds desk so I cant play such a shame :(

    • Zsuzsa Szasz

      I have the same problem too. Is there any navigation pad or something?

      • vb

        same problem! do you also have problems getting the teacup? I got the lamp without issues

        • jackie

          It’s in Rumpel’s profile. If you look hard enough at the background you will find it.

      • jackie

        theres this circle type thing at the bottom middle of the screen. You can use that to navigate if you click on it. It took me forever to realize that.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Try zooming out in your browser. It’s probably in the View menu.

  • Kasey Thacker

    I’m wondering why David thinks he has to raise Henry. What happened to Emma and Snow? o_0

    At first I was like, what the… why does Rumple have a fridge, toaster and a phone in the fairy tale land? Then I remembered… Belle never got false memories of storybrooke, so she’s left confused about all the new technology. That could potentially be kind of funny.

    I kind of think that Doctor Whale is Captain Hook from that description (and the hook on the desk) but darned if I don’t really get the whale connection to that…

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      My new theory is that Dr. Whale is Captain Nemo from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. If you saw the Disney version, then you may remember Kirk Douglas sining “I’ve got a whale of a tale to tell you, lads. A whale of a tale, it’s true!”

      • Kasey Thacker

        I like that. It makes him arrogant but not evil. He was a bit of a jerk, but didn’t seem evil enough for Hook. Nemo was a man of science too, so he could reasonably be a doctor. lol Maybe they’ll tie him into the little mermaid too…

        • Daniel J. Lewis

          Yes! My thinking, too. Maybe he fell in love with Ariel!

    • jackie

      i think you could be right about Dr.Whale being Captain Hook. The writers of the show have been known to combine stories, like rumple also being the beast etc. maybe instead they put a twist on the Peter Pan story and had made a Moby Dick reference?

    • Kasey Thacker

      I’d just like to pat myself on the back for catching that clue with in David’s profile. lol

  • Mightyminnie

    Anyone find the Madhatter’s hat? I’ve checked everywhere and its driving me crazy!

    No pun intened.

    • Anna

      its in the mad hatter’s place and its like to the left of the sign :)

  • Kimberly Abell

    I cant find it either :(

  • moonlit~path

    Can’t find the lamp help anyone?

    • Kimberly Erett

      the lamp is behind the queen in her page

  • Adrian

    The curse takes away each person’s happiness, right? Well, I have a hunch for Dr. Whale. If he’s seemingly evil now, and was almost a pushover for Regina, what if that was his unhappiness? Which would mean that back in the Enchanted Forest, his counterpart would be virtuously good and almost defiant against his enemies. I’m thinking of the boy who never grows up, Peter Pan.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      But with the curse now broken, everyone is back to their fairy-tale selves. Dr. Whale is intentionally hiding his identity, which seems like he’s someone we should be concerned about.

  • Kimberly Erett

    does anyone know where the clock, cloak and sword are

    • Kaydee George

      i cant find them either!

    • Tammy Morrissey

      the sword is with prince charming behind him it is gold

  • Kaydee George

    i too think that Whale could be Peter Pan. I think the reason why he is so mad for Regina “doing this to them” is because she made him grow up! She turned him into a noble profession that you need maturity for! whichalso fits “the god complex” Peter Pan always was full of himself and Peter always believes he wins every fight no matter if he loses.
    did anyone else notice the “swan” necklace ?!?!?!? its when you go through the door of the pawn show!!

    • Kaydee George

      did anyone else also notice a mickey mouse behind golds desk!!!!

      • Daniel J. Lewis

        The Mickey Mouse has been in the show, both in Emma’s baby room in the castle as well as Mr. Gold’s shop.

  • Tanya

    Excuse, my English is awful. I hope, you will understand me :).
    I have questions. Probably, someone from you too over them reflected.
    1. Why in Archie’s files of a photo of Gold it is fixed horizontally and two times are crossed out cross-wise by an adhesive tape? Founders of series Once Upon a Time very much love hints. The bottom cross is very similar to a printing sign a cross. The cross in polygraphy means a dagger or death. It is a hint, what Rumpel has a dagger, or what someone will hit it with a dagger and he will die (I hope, what Bell will manage to rescue it, how in Disney’s fairy tale)? Or what Archie doesn’t love Gold it therefore so placed an adhesive tape? Or the simply casually placed adhesive tape, and I simply too long looked at a photo? :)
    2. Dates in records. 2009 and 2019. 2019-it mistake? And why now in records dates disappeared?

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Now that the dates are gone, I’m certain they were mistakes. It makes perfect sense when you see the transition from October, November, and December, 2009 into January that it should be 2010.

      • Tanya

        Thank you! I also think so.
        And somebody reflected on my first question? There are versions?

  • Deanna

    I found the dagger and did what it told me to do which was click it to scribe my name into the blade, and then i clicked post to wall.. but it’s not doing anything, it posted a picture to my wall but it doesnt show up in the inventory.. help!

  • Kim Askew

    I think the game would be better if it didn’t take so long to unlock stuff, I hadnt played the game in two months and the daily mirror and Henry’s diary is still locked. I found all the items 8/8, I love the t.v. show but the game isn’t that good.

    • Naomi Smith

      where is the cloak? I cant find it I need help.

    • Tammy Morrissey

      where did you find the cloak i can’t find it

  • Naomi Smith

    I need Help finding the cloak and that is it. Did anyone find it?

  • Naomi

    Is anyone else having a problem with Ruby’s page?

    • Siva

      Yes =/

    • Jenna

      It’s been over a month since I’ve played, and I STILL don’t get Ruby’s page! :(

    • Ali

      Yeah, When I go to it, its just all black

  • Ali

    Why is Ruby’s page all black? I can’t access it at all

  • Ashley

    I have been trying to play for the last few days but it keeps saying it cant find the page was it taken down it says its through but when I type that in there is no website under that name…..HELP!!!!!!!