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Emma, Regina, Mary Margaret, David, Neal, Hook, Rumpelstiltskin, Wendy, Tink, Henry and the rest of the lost boys made it back to Storybrooke but for Peter Pan, the real fun is just about to begin.

The residents of Storybrooke are overjoyed upon the return of Henry and our heroes from Neverland. But unbeknownst to them, a plan is secretly being put into place by a well-hidden Pan that will shake up the very lives of the townspeople. Meanwhile, in the Fairy Tale Land that was, Snow White and Prince Charming’s honeymoon turns out to be anything but romantic when they go in search of a mythical being that could stop Regina cold in her tracks.

These are just our first thoughts about this Once Upon a Time episode. We’ll share more about “The New Neverland” in our upcoming full discussion live on Wednesday December 11, 2013, at 8:00 p.m. (EDT/GMT-4).

This episode felt like going through multiple phases. Although it kinda slows everything down, it was refreshing to see something a bit lighter than all the actions we have gotten so far from the last eight episodes. It was great to have a breather off the fast-pace episodes we have seen so far.

Initial Reactions

Remember, these are just our initial reactions regarding tonight’s episode so please bear with us if we’re a bit all over the place. If you have your own thoughts, feedbacks, or theories regarding tonight’s episode, however, send them over to us and join our full discussion this Wednesday!

The body switch made more sense once they landed in Storybrooke, by the way. And the title “The New Neverland” made more sense after seeing the episode. We initially thought that they would show us what’s left of Neverland but we were wrong.

Pan-as-Henry has gotten his hand of the curse, especially since Emma is now with her parents. However, the curse requires the heart of the thing you love most so whose heart is Pan going to use? Felix’s? His own heart? Or will he use Henry’s heart and just switch back his body just in time?

Is the Blue Fairy part of his evil plan? Does Pan need Blue Fairy’s shadow because she has magic? Is Pan planning to kill everyone with magical abilities? If that’s the case, everyone with magical powers may be in trouble with no way to fight back.

Is Tinkerbell going to redeem herself? With the Blue Fairy gone, can Tink become the new Mother Superior?

What can they do with the new curse?  Can they make it back to the Enchanted Forest? If they make it back to where they come from, will they get another identity, this time, Emma included?

After today, we have one more episode before the winter hiatus so there may be a major cliffhanger next week. Are we going to see the curse hitting but ending it just before it fully hits?

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The back stories we got from the Enchanted Forest was a bit surprising. Although, it was interesting to see Snow and Charming’s wedding from a different perspective after the Evil Queen threatened Snow, Charming and the entire kingdom.

Prince Eric chopping the fish when Ariel found him was kind of funny, but a bit anti-climactic. However, we were right when we theorized that Eric might be working for the fish canary.

It’s a bit surprising and honorable that Hook is backing off but is he really moving on from Emma and is now pursuing Tink?

Both Robbie Kay and Jared S. Gilmore are both doing a great job playing each other.

What if Pan enacts the curse and the curse backfires? Instead of freezing time, what if it takes them all back to the Enchanted Forest where they remember their former selves but forgotten what happened in Storybrooke? What would happen to Emma, then if it happens?

If you have your own theories or feedback that you want to share, send it on to us through email (kindly use the Episode Title in the subject field), use the comment section below, or simply join us in the forum and discuss your thoughts regarding tonight’s episode.

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  • Lavarius Gardiner

    I’m thinking that since the next episode is called “Going Home” that once the curse is enacted it will send everyone ether back in time or just back to the enchanted forest. That’s what I think the promo for the next episode is hinting towards.And maybe Pan might be taken with them as well.

  • Shandelle

    I think the podcasters are totally stupid if they think Emma & Hook aren’t a legit thing at this point. Hook told Neal he was backing off for now but was “in it for the long haul.” He also mentioned he knows Neal abandoned Emma before and wasn’t certain she would let him back in her good graces. He’s backing off to give Neal a chance, likely presuming he’ll just fail anyway. Learning from his past mistake and guilt around Milah/Bae, he wants to ensure Emma and Neal are given are fair shot (if she wants one) for the sake of Henry.

    From everything we’ve seen and heard from Emma, she doesn’t want to get back with Neal. Snow & Charming and everyone else seem to have been pushing her toward him (to keep her away from Hook; HER WORDS!!!) but they truthfully do not know about her past with Neal or that he put her in jail and then did not come back for her once the curse broke and was happily engaged to another woman. Neal is a coward who did not go back for Emma out of fear of having to deal with Rumple. He was all set to move on with Tamara and live a normal life he believed had nothing to do with magic.

    But Hook has been there for Emma, he’s been supportive of her and been her rock, episode after episode. And in this past episode, Henry was acting strange by her accounts yet no one else picked up on it. She was hangin around the docks probably because she was hoping to run into HOOK who she could open up to about it and ask for advice. All this, mind you, in place of having lunch with Neal during his ultimatum lunch date.. something Emma really doesn’t want to deal with anyway.. it all gets interrupted by the death of Blue. And people can claim that Hook was “hitting on Tink” all they want, but it was just him being a drunken fool who was trying to suppress his heartache about Emma. And Tink shut him down before anything even started so whatever.

    If anything, this episode demonstrates that Hook and Emma have grown attached to each other. Maybe it has only been a week, but they are the worst versions of their selves when they’re apart. When you’re apart from you’re true love, you’re at your worst!