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Rumple with pillow (2x19-Lacey)


Will Belle forever be known as Lacey? Will Rumple become Dark again? What will happen to the Beans? And what are Greg and Tamara REALLY up to?

This week’s episode was written by Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz!

Enchanted Forest


These events are squeezed between the months of “Skin Deep”

Alyssa D. pointed out a potential timeline inconsistency with Rumple’s curtains open.

More proof of inconsistency: in “Skin Deep”, there is a bow and arrow in the background.


The wand Robin Hood steals looks like the one that belonged to Cinderella’s fairy godmother.

Rumple probably had the wand for a while and, after it was taken by Robin Hood, he was looking for that specific fairy to get it back. He also called the wand ‘pure evil.’

Rumple has used several different wands. He has a collection of wands. It seems he favors this wand.

Magic Wands in Gold's Shop (2x19-Lacey)

“If you don’t know how to use that wand it can do nasty things to you.” – There seem to be a lot of references to people not knowing how to use magic.

The Robbery

All that blood on the apron seemed to foreshadow Robin’s death… guess not. And there was a LOT of it.

Belle freed Robin but chose to remain because of her deal with Rumplestiltskin. Belle has shown several glimpses of being very brave, even before we saw her fight the Yaoguai.

“People who steal magic, never have good intentions” – Turns out not to be as true as Rumple may have thought

Is Rumple’s quote a hint to Tamara? Does Tamara have good intentions?

Could Tamara be Maid Marian and Robin Hood’s child? Robin Hood was a thief and would seem to be a villain, but he wasn’t. Maybe the same could go for Tamara?

Rumple’s cart had no driver. Magic!

Sheriff of Nottingham lost so much! His girl, his pride, his tongue…

Robin Hood’s Past

It is implied that Marian’s child is Robin’s. Who were the men pulling his cart? His merrymen? Is there more to Robin Hood’s past?

After watching this episode I became very curious about Robin Hood’s past. We haven’t seen really much about it. We don’t know why his wife is sick or how he get his magical bow. I’m also wondering how he know that Rumplestilskin has a magical wand which can heal his wife inside his castle and how to use it. Did someone telled him about it?

Greetings from Bavaria

Beauty and the Beast

Belle told Rumple that he’s “not the kind of man to leave a child fatherless,” but that’s exactly what he had done and that’s why Belle’s words stung so much.

Rumple brought Belle to the library like in Beauty and the Beast. There was a bed in there. Was the library her new room?

The Bow and Arrow

Did Rumple see the future prior to this episode and see that the bow and arrow would be important in the future?

Mary Margaret was using the same bow (Robin’s) in “Selfless, Brave, and True”, as pointed out by Camila from Chili.

Robin Hood's bow in Rumplestiltskin's castle (1x12-Skin Deep)

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Present-day Storybrooke

Gold’s Dream

It was Henry’s Birthday! His cake had 11 candles, spotted by Phoenix815.

HENRY WAS TURNED INTO … China? Porcelain? Pottery? Ceramic?

Henry chose a wand in the dream, which was the same one as Cinderella’s fairy godmother’s. Is there any relevance to Henry?

It still isn’t clear if Henry is the prophesied boy, though it may be clear in Rumple’s mind.

Regina vs. Rumple

Regina discovers in this episode that she is related to Rumple now!

We got some more clarity about Regina getting Henry. Gold attributes his “procuring” Henry to be fate, which has a sense of humor.

How much does Rumple know about August/Pinocchio’s story?

Regina seems to WANT dark Rumple back. Maybe she wants a scapegoat? Maybe she doesn’t want him to protect Snow anymore? Maybe she just loves to suck in all happy endings?!

Rivalry between Regina and Gold is getting more and more intense (though not as romantic as Gold and Cora)

Gold seemed to want his whole family back together: Belle, Bae and possibly Henry.

Blue Fairy had once told Bae that he is the one thing that can keep Rumple from becoming dark.

Limbo Belle

Who has Belle been while she’s been in a memory-less limbo? David needed something to remember, so did Belle. Both were injured before they hit limbo, so maybe if they are injured and cross the line, they don’t just get their Storybrooke memories (unlike Sneezy, who just lost his Enchanted Forest memories)

How long was Belle in the hospital??

Belle confirmed her “sense about people.” She can see the good in people.

Greg and Tamara

Does Tamara know something about Kurt and hasn’t told Greg?

Greg has been documenting occurrences of magic on a Storybrooke map.

Map of Storybrooke with tacks (2x19-Lacey)

  • Hunter’s Grove
  • Nightingale Village
  • Gallant Rd.
  • Alder Park
  • Heron Island
  • Harper’s Point

Why did Greg say “this town is lousy with magic”? Possible interpretations: 1. He thinks they don’t hide magic at all. 2. He thinks they don’t know how to use magic well. 3. He’s saying lousy to discourage Tamara from going after Magic.

But “lousy” is also slang for “full of,” which was an odd definition for us.

Why did Greg say “If Neal suspects anything, it’s going to make everything have to do that much harder?” EVERYTHING? What are they planning?

How did Tamara get Hook? She probably took him when she went up to Neal’s apartment.

The Beans

David and Mary Margaret take Emma to the bean field. Mary Margaret thinks that Enchanted Forest is the best way to mend her blackened heart.

Magic bean field (2x19-Lacey)

The road of the bean field seems to be the same one that Rumple/Emma/Henry left on and the one that the package came on.

Mr. Gold, Emma, and Henry leaving Storybrooke in "Tiny"

Mr. Gold, Emma, and Henry leaving Storybrooke in “Tiny”

The package arrives

Is “Lacey” an obfuscation of “Lacie”, which is an anagram of “Alice”?

Also, “Lacey” may be connected to “Lacie, Tillie, Elsie”, three girls in the Dormouse’s story from Alice in Wonderland in the chapter, “A Mad Tea Party”. Tillie and Elsie were two real girls that were sisters of the real Alice, Alice Little.


Outside The Rabbit Hole (2x19-Lacey)The bar (the Rabbit Hole) has been seen before when the girls had girls night.

The barkeeper reminds Jenny of LeFou. Why does the bartender sound like he’s known Lacey for a while?

Lacey’s hustling John Clark (Sneezy)

Why is Regina back in her mayor’s office and calling herself the mayor? What kind of paperwork does she need to go over?

Regina and Gold both agreed that true love’s kiss would break the curse on Belle. Good luck getting that Rumple.

Dwarfs are keeping the beans a secret, but Granny can “smell” something?

David and Gold previously had an agreement that Gold wouldn’t interfere in David’s life and family. Now Gold owes a favor! Did Gold twist the words so that David has to help him accomplish this for Gold to owe him a favor?

SB Nottingham sheriff (Keith) said he had his eyes on Belle for a long time. This makes sense because he remembered his past.

Don Juan had some deal with Rumplestiltskin before? Magical seduction ability???

Emma’s reading the book. Possibly reading up on her past to prepare for her journey back to the Enchanted Forest. She even subtly invited Neal.

Beans are growing!

Granny thinks Lacey raided Ruby’s closet

When Lacey described Gold’s reputation, we now realize she was turned on by it. Lacey is the opposite of Belle “You’re not the man I thought you were… and I’m glad.”

I predict that in the future, Mr. Gold would be conflicted between being good in order to win back his son or being bad in order to win back the love of his life. What do you guys think?


Neal and Mr. Gold did have a kind of making up. Gold might just think he has Neal, so all he needs is Belle.

Claudia believes  that Gold may sacrifice his powers to save Henry, and that’s how Henry is Rumple’s undoing.

Young August and Henry are hitting it off. This is precious.

We think that the undoing may be the surprise, not the boy.

What kind of “dirty work” does Tamara need done by Hook? Maybe to kill Rumple!

First of all, thank you Daniel, Jenny, and Jeremy for doing this podcast. It makes us think very deeply about the plots, characters, and themes of the show! I enjoy tuning in to you guys!

I think that someone with magic has wronged Tamara on a very personal level. That’s the only reason that makes sense to me for her to go through great lengths of acquiring the potion from the dragon, to staging and going through with an engagement with Neal.

Aysha (pronounced eye-sha :))

What is motivating Tamara to go after magic? How’d she find out about magic?

Nealfire was a captive on Captain Hook’s ship until he was rescued by Peter Pan, who then took him back to our world along with Wendy and her brothers. That is how he ended up in a A Land Without Magic after 250 years.


Maybe it coincides with when Hook left Enchanted Forest to Neverland.

Finally, Daniel has officially succumb to the idea that Neal went to Neverland. Hello, coffee!

What did you think?

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  • Phee

    Regarding Greg using the term “lousy with magic”, when you say something is “lousy with” something, it’s slang for “it’s got a lot of”. The term is derived from “lousy” meaning an infestation of lice: http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/lousy+with
    So he was just saying that the town is infested with magic.

    • http://DanielJLewis.net/about Daniel J. Lewis

      Yes, we were chatting about that after the podcast. It’s a very weird slang when it means something almost opposite to its other meanings.

      “I’m lousy with love for my wife.” What would that mean to most people?

      • http://twitter.com/JustForKicks10 Just For Kicks

        Would you say “I’m infested with love for my wife”?? Go back & read Phee’s comment again.

  • http://twitter.com/JustForKicks10 Just For Kicks

    SERIOUSLY, Daniel?? Whomever told you that lie needs a dose of reality … and a DNA test. To put it in terms you may understand, it’s like adding cream to coffee. Regardless of ethnicity, a child will never be darker than the darker parent or lighter than the lighter parent, unless there’s albinism or some ‘environmental’ influence (see: Michael Jackson). Anyone who says otherwise is either lying to you or themself.

    • http://twitter.com/karibear09 kc

      Daniel is right, it can happen, not common but darker skinned people can have lighter skinned babies and reversed. discussion at work then I googled it and heard daniel talking about it. It’s some kind of genetic mutation.

    • http://DanielJLewis.net/about Daniel J. Lewis

      It’s basic genetics. Take a look at the Punnett square.

      Let’s say the genes could be “a,” “A,” “b,” and “B.” If you combine two people with BBBB genes, they can only produce children with BBBB jeans. Combine AAAAA and BBBB, and you can only get AABB, ABBB, BAAB, and so on. Combine AaBb and AaBb and you could have any possible combination of genes.

      Natural selection tends to filter out and remove genes. So if AaBb marries another AaBb and their child is AAbb, then that child has lost the genetic information fo “a” and “B.”

      So if a couple has enough genetic variety, then they could produce a wide variety in their offspring. But if they have little genetic variety, which most of us are like, then we produce little genetic variety in our offspring.

      We could talk a lot more about genetics, mutations, DNA, and natural selection. But I think I’ve made the point.

      • http://twitter.com/JustForKicks10 Just For Kicks

        That’s true for things like blood type, eye color, curling your tongue, and other things where the result must be one of a discrete set of possible outcomes. With skin tone & hair texture, the result is an infinite number of outcomes on a sliding scale, with the two biological parents as the end points of that scale. If the child is not on the scale between the two parents, then they are not the biological parents. Lying about one’s genetic heritage is a tradition as old as time, but we finally have the scientific tools to determine the truth. Go back to whomever made this claim and look for DNA tests from a reputable lab. I could go on, but I think I’ve made my point.

  • http://twitter.com/karibear09 kc

    theories on Neal and tamara.
    Tamara – Maybe she really is Robin’s daughter and was wronged by magic but maybe it was her father that wronged her with magic or so she thinks?

    Neal – Agree with Kyle’s theory but want to tie in my own, Neal lived with the pirates
    more specifically Hook and his mom, which could explain why he knew Hook
    and how Hook knew that maybe Bae didn’t want to be found. Also explains
    how Bae learned to sail a ship. Maybe Blue Fairy knew Meelah was in
    Neverland so that is why he ended up there so he didn’t have to be an
    orphan/lost boy. Until Rumple killed Meelah, then Pan found him and he
    became a lost boy and traveled back to our world with the Darlings like
    Kyle said

    • http://DanielJLewis.net/about Daniel J. Lewis

      I don’t think Bae would have been with his mom. We didn’t see Hook go to Neverland until after Milah was killed. It’s possible he went with Milah, but I have my doubts.

      If Baelfire did get to spend time with Milah in Neverland, I would’ve expected him to say something about it to Mr. Gold, especially since Rumple killed Milah and Hook went to Neverland to plot his revenge.

  • Pamela

    I found it odd that Rumple has not met Tamara yet. She is after all Neal’s fiance.