Raphael Sbarge’s exclusive audio interview – ONCE077

Dr. Archie Hopper


Hear the actor behind Jiminy Cricket and Dr. Archie Hopper talk about his experience on Once Upon a Time, his background, and answer fan questions!

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Questions for Raphael

These were the questions we asked Raphael, but you’ll hear that he answered many more, too!

  • What is it like filming Once Upon a Time and working with the other cast?
  • Katie: Were you skeptical about the premise of the show, or did you feel confident that it would be awesome?
  • Katie: What made you want to take the role of Jiminy Cricket/Archie Hopper?
  • Bryant: What made you decide to become an actor? Who was your inspiration?
  • Oncer: What was your favorite episode and scene so far?
  • Dena: If you could choose any other OUAT character to play, who would it be and why?
  • What was your initial reaction when you were told that Archie was going to “die”?
  • In which ways has it affected you to play Archie?
  • NikSN: In “Skin Deep” and “What happened to Frederick,” Archie had a bunch of deleted scenes that seemed to involve Archie and Ruby, and Archie and David. Can you tell us anything about those scenes?
  • Who is your favorite person to work with on set?
  • Tim aka AugustWBooth: What performance are you most proud of?
  • Tim aka AugustWBooth: Would you want Archie to get a love interest? If so, one of the existing characters or another fairy tale character?
  • Do you do any impressions of any other characters on the show?
  • Bryant: While not filming Once Upon a Time, what do you usually do with your free time? !!! Talk about Green Wish and On Begley Street

We wished we could have more time with Raphael, but we’re so grateful for the time he gave us (even some extra!).

More about Raphael Sbarge

Raphael Sbarge counts being a father as his best job ever. Outside of that, Raphael has an extensive filmography record, including the Mass Effect videogame series. We’re biased in saying that we love his role as Dr. Archie Hopper and Jiminy Cricket in Once Upon a Time the best!

Please connect with Raphael and follow his other work!

| Facebook fan page

Check out Raphael’s charity Green Wish: “helps local, green, organizations fund projects for their communities through donations at retailers and from concerned neighbors like you.”

Learn about On Begley Street (also on Facebook), the web series and initiative led by Ed Begley Jr.

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  • NikSN

    Thanks so much! That was awesome.

  • Marianne

    Thank You so much for this podcast , it’s really great to hear you guys talk about this wonderful series :D!

  • Tara

    Just listened to it, that was great! Thanks guys!

  • Naomi

    That was SUPER cool