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2KFL-138 license plate, Once Upon a Time podcast (The Outsider-2x11)


Could the outsider be Neal, August, Baelfire, or someone else? What will Mr. Gold do now about Belle? Is Hook being suicidal? Will the Storybrooke residents want to split to return to Enchanted Forest while some stay?

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Enchanted Forest

We all theorize that “the outsider,” as referred to by the title of this episode, could be someone we have yet to meet. Who crashed their car just over the town line in Storybrooke?

Daniel points out this episode’s place on the timeline: during the episode about Dreamy, after Skin Deep, but before Regina pays Rumpel a visit to tell him her lies about Belle’s being dead.

Jenny theorizes that Regina could have picked up Belle after lying to Rumpel about her death, but for timeline reasons Daniel disagrees.

Claude is a returning character in this episode, but he doesn’t have any lines.

Claude (The Outsider-2x11)

Belle probably never received her reward for “slaying” the Yaoguai.

Jeremy notes that the Belle, in this episode, does her traditionally adventure-hungry character justice.

We all love Belle’s adventure costume in this episode.


How does Dreamy know Belle’s only seen what dark magic can do?

Daniel finds it hard to believe that Belle knows how to translate different languages.

According to listener feedback from Michael and Anne Marie, the title of Belle’s book translated is, “The Notebook For Tracking the Beast/the Yaoguai.”

Daniel noticed that the Yaoguai was burning Chinese characters into the field that said, “Help/save me.”

Chinese save me burned into valley (The Outsider-2x11)

None of us saw it coming that the Yaoguai was actually Prince Phillip under a curse.

We discuss how Prince Phillip could’ve tried to communicate with people for help while possibly combating certain animal instincts as the Yaoguai.

Jenny wonders why Belle was pleading for a second chance from Regina to break Rumpelstiltskin’s curse?

Daniel and Jenny wonder why Regina took Claude. Was he always working for Regina?

Now we know how Belle came to be imprisoned by Regina.

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Can rat-Smee leave Storybrooke? Also, why would rat-Smee want to leave Storybrooke?

Is Rumpelstiltskin’s talisman for leaving Storybrooke reusable? How does this Talisman work exactly?

Jenny’s amused by the idea that it’s very likely that Rumpelstiltskin will have to approach the fairies for their help to restore Belle’s memories.

Daniel notes the book Hook was reading while waiting for Belle to return to the library.

During season 1, Jeremy had predicted that the library would be reopened. It looks like that’s going to happen!

What will Belle do while she only has her Storybrooke memories. She spent all of her time in the room under the hospital. Will she still be interested in books? Who is Storybrooke Belle?

Jeremy theorizes that Belle’s memories will be restored to her relatively quickly

Daniel noticed that Hook’s hand has been seen in the background of Rumpel’s castle as well as in his shop.

Belle serving Rumplestiltskin with hand on pedestal (Skin Deep-1x12) Hand in Mr Gold's workshop (The Outsider-2x11)

We discuss the oddity of the knot Belle found that belonged to Hook.

Monkey's Fist knot (The Outsider-2x11)

Why are there sand boxes on the dock?

Daniel notes Mary Margaret’s previous comment in the pilot episode about making a birdhouse a home, not a cage. It’s ironically consistent with her current desire to turn her “cage” of Storybrooke into a home for her and her family.

Mary Margaret's house choice (The Outsider-2x11)

What if Snow and Charming have another child?

The design of the elevator and the elevator phone remind Jeremy of Oz.

Belle in the library with elevator door (The Outsider-2x11)

Jeremy likes that Archie wasn’t kept prisoner for long.

Did Hook refer to Baelfire in a knowing way? Or was he just speaking from his experience with Rumpelstiltskin? Maybe he can’t imagine why anyone would want to be found by Rumpel.

Is Hook suicidal? Or was he just trying to take one more thing away from Rumpel because he realizes he’s most likely going to be killed by Rumpel.

Why haven’t we seen a bigger reaction to the knowledge that Hook and Cora are now in Storybrooke?

Jeremy wonders if Charming and Snow will separate since their interests are starting to branch apart.

Daniel theorizes that the mystery driver from Pennsylvania could be Neal, August, or some random normal person.

I’m not sure why I thought of this, but at the end of the episode, they went to the license plate very specifically so we could see it. Is it significant? I don’t know. But I did notice it has the letters KFL in it, which instantly made me think of “Kid For Life” and therefore Peter Pan. Is it plausible? Who knows. Just something I thought of.

Will be glad to have the podcast back on schedule this week.


2KFL-138 license plate, Once Upon a Time podcast (The Outsider-2x11)

Daniel thinks the driver from Pennsylvania is a regular guy who wants magic. Jenny thinks it’s either Neal or just a stranger who wants to vacation in Storybrooke. Jeremy thinks it’s Neal.

On the mysterious car: Sorry guys but I think the chances of it being Neal are slim. The car’s licence plates were from Pennsylvania, not New York where we opened at the beginning of the season with Neal. granted Neal could have gotten a rental car and driven but that is not the simplest explanation.

However no one is saying that Baelfire or Peter Pan (or both in one as has been suggested) could not be driving that car from Pennsylvania.

Or does the person even know that Storybrooke exists. This brings up an important question which I will close off my email with: If you were a newcomer to Storybrooke with no knowledge of this fantastic program what would you think? If you got a chance to get transported to storybrooke with your current knowledge what would you do to aid or abet the storyline?

As always your querying companion

Tim aka AugustWBooth (whose name shall be used until he returns from being in wooden hibernation)

Hey, ONCE podcast!

After watching the CRAZY ending to the most recent episode, I noticed something about the Pennsylvania license plate. Normally license plates in Penn are [ABC ####]. The plate shown on the car is 2KFL138, which is the California format [#ABC###]. I’m wondering if this is an error on the show, or if the license plate could have an alternative meaning.


Would Jefferson leave Storybrooke?

Could the mystery driver be Pinocchio?

How can Belle claim that Rumpel’s heart is true?

Jenny wonders if Belle would have liked Rumpel in his pre-Dark-One condition.

I have a pretty stupid theory about what’ll happen between Rumple and Belle. After Sunday’s episode I believe Rumple is going to look for Bae but realize that he’s gone. Either dead or not in this land and he’s going to give up and cross the border on his own erasing his memories of his old life since Belle lost hers and he no longer has anything to live for.


Hey Guys! I just wanted to put my two cents in what I hope to see from Rumple and Belle in the coming episodes. When I first heard that Belle would return for the season 1 finale, I was excited to see how Rumple would react. Having Belle suddenly get her memories back was actually a disappointment for this Rumbelle fan. While I was surprised and initially upset at the outcome of “The Outsider,” I think we will get to see Rumple as I and other fans wanted to see in this first place.

To clarify, we are going to see Rumple have to make Belle fall in love with him again. In season 2, Rumple has been lucky enough to have this woman accept and love him because she’s always seen the good in him. Now, not only do we get to see who Storebrooke Belle is, but how Rumple will handle it.

I’m betting, he will succeed in making her fall in love with him, and True Love’s Kiss will break her memory curse.

If that does happen, that also kind of sucks for Sneezy.


We’re all looking forward to learning who this new stranger is!

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  • Phee

    Great podcast as always! :-) Just wanted to clarify a couple of things regarding one of the license plate theories you discussed.

    It’s the “Wizard of Oz” movie that began production in January ’38 (138), not “Peter Pan”. And the thinking behind the 2KFL is that it’s “TOOK flight”, not “take flight”. 2K can’t translate into “take” but it can into “took”. 😉 Also, the author of “Wizard of Oz”, his father grew up in Pennsylvania, where the license plate is from.

    The more I’ve thought about the possibility of the Outsider being the Wizard of Oz, the more I’ve come to like the idea. He flew from our world into Oz in a balloon, and now flew from our world into SB in a car. I like the symmetry of that, on top of the license plate clues possibly pointing towards “Wizard of Oz”.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Thank you for the clarification and corrections!

      If he’s the Wizard of Oz, then I would think he’s also Dr. Whale’s brother. And this could make a lot of sense for his knowing about and wanting to come to Storybrooke.

  • Pete

    I just wanted to respond to the question about the sand on the dock. It is used for traction on the dock. Wood will be slippery in cold weather and warm weather. A little sand for footing helps.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      That makes total sense! Thanks for sharing, Pete!

      Have you done a lot of boating?

    • Sarah Faith Wiegand

      that is EXACTLY what i was thinking, too.

  • Susan

    How about if Belle goes to Dr. Hopper? David was able to have Enchanted Forest memories when he went to see Dr. Hopper. Maybe Belle can go to him and she would be able to remember some of her memories.

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      That’s a great thought! I had forgotten about that. But I think David was able to pull those because he was already searching, and his mind was a little messed up because of the circumstances surrounding his coming through the curse.

  • ErinJ

    I’ve been thinking more about the licence plate, and hadn’t thought to look it up this way until I saw it written on your facebook post to OUAT (Daniel)…

    The 2KFL… I’m not sure about… except I was thinking 2K could be the year 2000 (not sure what was happening with Emma in 2000?) because 2K is what they called the millennium if I believe (Y2K)…. I heard FL stands for Florida in the chatroom last night, and I think that could be significant because Tallahassee is in FL (isn’t it?)

    I googled the 138 though… and this is what it said on Wiki under “transportation”

    State Highway 138 is a state highway route in Wall Township, New Jersey

    M-138 is a state highway route in Michigan

    U.S. Route 138 is an east-west highway in Colorado and Nebraska

    Highway 138 provincial highway in Ontario, Canada

    Route 138 in Quebec, Canada

    N-138 is a highway in Spain which connects Estadilla to the French Border

    138th Street–Grand Concourse, the Bronx station on the IRT Jerome Avenue Line of the New York City Subway

    Third Avenue–138th Street, the Bronx station on the IRT Pelham Line of the New York City Subway

    I mostly took note of the last two, because we know that Neal is an outside and we know that Neal is in NYC….

    Also referenced to 138 is Psalm 138…. and Sonnet 138 of William Shakespeare. This sonnet… I read it… it is here on wiki:

    makes me think of Emma and Neal… IF Neal is Baefire (it says “Thus, vainly thinking that she thinks me young, Although I know my years be past the best”). Just made me think of them because Bae is old (maybe).

    HOWEVER, I don’t believe the guy in the car is Neal, soooooo, for me personally, this entire feedback is redundant to me… but others might find it interesting!

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Great research! Tiny details like this could really mean anything to the writers. For all we know, “138” could be the street number of Kitsis or Horowitz.

      • ErinJ

        So true, but they seem so precise. I wonder if they are going to start pulling a Joss Whedan on us…

        When Buffy was on the air, fans used to analyze it a lot like we do Once… so Joss Whedan purposely placed a random thing in an episode that he knew fans would notice and try to figure out. He did it just for fun; it meant nothing. And later he finally admitted in an interview that he did that to mess with fans. He ended up adding in a shot from that episode into the last season premiere like three years later, but again, it had absolutely no significance.

        I can totally picture Adam and Eddy doing this!

        I still think Philly being the “City of Brotherly Love” is significant, if only because of the next episode title as well… But the rest of the licence plate, who knows. Maybe they are just messing with us.

  • Anna

    Hm, are you sure that’s Hook’s hand? Wasn’t his hand clenched when it got cut off?

    • cass

      rumple opened it

  • cass

    hey, with the sand boxes, the sand is often put in bags for weighing
    down sails etc, as well as traction for wet docks. also i think the
    noise on the boat was an adjoining room…it’s a big boat after all.

    think hook’s bae comment was a bit of a ‘if milah left, so would his
    son way’. as for snow and charming…maybe snow thinks, if they stay in
    Storybrooke, there isnt a way to lose charming? he cant leave and at
    that time she thought Storybrooke was reasonably safe.

    as for true love’s kiss helping cant work we saw that with snow and charming.

    if rumpel crossed the border, would his memory be affected, because
    after all he did remember…because he KNEW who to get henry from…?

    • ErinJ

      We don’t now if Mr. Gold KNEW to get Henry from Emma, or if there was a middle man who knew to get Henry there… RUMPEL might have seen the future enough in FTL pre-curse to now what would happen, but Mr. Gold might have been clueless til the curse was broken (or he heard “emma)

    • Daniel J. Lewis

      Gold and Belle’s kiss could still be true love’s kiss if Gold wins her heart again.

      No one could leave Storybrooke before, except possibly Regina.

      We still don’t know the circumstances of Henry’s adoption. But it’s likely that Gold didn’t actually know any of the extra stuff back then. After “Tallahassee,” I think that August may have had something to do with Henry’s adoption.

  • Red192

    My favorite part of the episode was whenever they mentioned “something worth fighting for”, i burst into song every time