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We finally learn David’s real name, get to see more about the giants and their beans, and we have new “shipping” for Henry!

These are just our first thoughts about this Once Upon a Time episode. We’ll share more about “Tiny” in our upcoming full episode live on Wednesday, February 13, at 8:30 p.m. (EST/GMT-5).

Kidnapped and brought to Storybrooke by Cora, the Giant (Jorge Garcia) unleashes his vengeance on the town when a case of mistaken identity leads him to try and settle an old score with David; Mr. Gold, accompanied by Emma and Henry, attempts to depart Storybrooke – hoping to keep his memory intact when he crosses the town line — and heads to the airport in search of his son Bae; and Greg (Ethan Embry) questions Belle as to what she saw on the night of his car accident. Meanwhile, in the fairytale land that was and against his brothers’ wishes, Anton, the Giant, climbs down the beanstalk and attempts to befriend some humans – whose intentions may not be so noble.

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Initial reactions

Some of our interesting discussion points (in no particular order):

  • We now know that Gold has to wear that shawl outside of Storybrooke.
  • Did Cora shape-shift into Regina in this episode?
  • Hook’s ship was made from enchanted wood?
  • The giants stopped trading magic beans with humans because of how they used the beans
  • Exposé on the hospital TV was a Lost reference
  • Emma helped Mr. Gold and even covered by calling him her father. If Neal is Baelfire, Mr. Gold would almost be Emma’s father-in-law!
  • The basement nurse is back and sedated Belle
  • Is “Jack” also Alice, or did she maybe know Alice? She said she killed a Jabberwocky (a reference to Alice in Wonderland)
  • Gold can’t use magic outside of Storybrooke. Is this simply for being outside the town, or because his temporary separation from the shawl damaged him?
  • David is David/Prince Charming’s real name! We were right!
  • Anton can grew new beans in Storybrooke, but what would Cora want with magic beans?
  • Greg talked to Belle. Where will this lead?
  • Dream_Drop_Distance named the newest Once Upon a Time ship: Henrybon (Henry + Cinnabon)!

We gave everything a brief overview and would love to hear your thoughts!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/djfirewolf Cole Ruffalo

    Anyone notice the David and Goliath parallel?
    – DJFirewolf

    • http://DanielJLewis.net/about Daniel J. Lewis

      It was the David and Goliath parallel with the dragon in “The Shepherd” that made me originally suspect his name was David. Plus his being a shepherd and being the father of the savior.